Why Heddolf Garage Door Opener Accessories are Top Choice for Homeowners?

Heddolf garage door openersGarage door opener accessories can mean more than just the additional accessories that you have to purchase for your garage. These are necessary accessories that can help you make your daily life easier. Just having the right accessory is an investment in making your home life more convenient.

Among the top garage door opener accessories today are those made by Heddolf. Heddolf garage door opener remotes come in different models to suit your needs. If you are looking for a durable garage door remote that you could use, then look no further.

Heddolf Background

The brand is a leader in the manufacturing and distributing remotes and universal kits for garage door openers, gate openers and others in the world.

Heddolf Garage Door Opener
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They take pride in producing interchangeable and compatible remotes for different brands of garage door openers. These will work with the popular brands. They make sure that you have the right solution for your needs with the right price. Heddolf also produces products under contract and custom remotes and packaging depending on your needs.

Heddolf’s Track Record

They have been in the industry for more than 20 years. This makes Heddolf a trusted brand in the market.
Their team of engineers ensures that their products deliver the solutions needed by the market in providing security and reliability. These products are known to be handy and easy to use.

Heddolf has two-year warranties on all of its products. They will repair and replace broken items that are still under their warranty. You are sure that no matter what problem you’re having, their excellent customer service will assist you throughout the process.

Best Prices

Heddolf offers German technology and quality on all its products but with an affordable price tag. They have an efficient and low-cost manufacturing facility in China that makes every product reasonable. You can trust that Heddolf has efficient and durable remotes at an affordable price.

If you are in a budget but want something of quality that will last you for ages, then a Heddolf remote is your best bet.

Wide Variety of Products

Heddolf carries a wide range of different garage door opener accessories and remotes. Most of their products are based on frequency with 9 dip switch trinary. The other remotes run on the 312MHz, 390MHz, 360MHz, 318MHz, and 340MHz. This means that their products are mostly made for older garage door openers that no longer have available accessories. These are usually for openers made before 1994 or 1993 that come in dip switches and frequencies.

They have different accessories for sale, such as remotes, receivers, mini remotes, keychain remotes,keypads, and universal kits. If you prefer visor remotes, they carry this line as well. Heddolf also has on-, two-, and three-button transmitters.

Some of their products are also packed with features. They come in weatherproof enclosures, long-range transmission, and others.

Its Heddolf classic range can work with the Genie, Pulsar, Chamberlain, Overhead, and Stanley garage door openers and gate operators. They constantly add new models to their product line to make sure everything is updated.

Make sure though before you make a final purchase that you know the specific model and make of your garage door opener. This ensures that you get a Heddolf accessory and remote that matches your opener. There are specific remotes that only work with a certain make and model and will not work with others. The frequency is also something that you have to figure out. Check what frequency your opener is running with by checking your old remote or the motor itself.

Heddolf remotes and accessories are widely available, especially in the US. You won’t have any problems looking for the specific remote that is compatible with your garage door opener.

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