Top GTO Mighty Mule Remote Products Easy Programming

Mighty Mule product is an automatic remote control for opening gates, driveways, and smart garages with a hassle-free button entry transmitter. It is easy to program that works well with GTO or Mighty Mule gate opener, giving better access to your hi-tech gates and doors.

GTO Mighty Mule 1 Button Remote

GTO Mighty Mule 1 button remote

This GTO Mighty Mule button comes with easily-adjusted codes, where you can add an unlimited number of transmitters to any systems. It enables you to match with your gate’s opener code to make it work successfully.

Since it is specially made for GTO/Mighty Mule automatic gate opener, you can easily program the gate opener code. Its single-button remote control can gain access to different automatic gate openers. So, it is more comfortable to use.

GTO Mighty Mule 2 button remote

GTO Mighty Mule 2 button remote

It has two buttons that you can use as a gate and garage opener. Its frequency setting is 318 Mhz with nine dip switches. For better security, you can just adjust the settings to open or close all GTO and Mighty Mule doors or gate openers simultaneously.

To make this button remote work with the garage door opener, you need the RB709 receiver garage door opener. The fantastic thing about this remote control is that you can use it to program for both of your garage or door gates.

GTO Mighty Mule 3 button

GTO Mighty Mule 3 button remote

This three-button remote control can manage up to three entry transmitters. Its frequency setting is 318 MHz with nine dip switches. Also, it comes with adjustable code settings that let all the GTO/PRO and Mighty Mule gate openers to open and close at the same time.

Another feature of this remote control is a visor clip for replacement in your vehicle visor. It enables you to open the gate and another two garage doors using the three buttons.

GTO/Mighty Mule Remotes Programming

GTO - Mighty Mule Garage Door Remote Openers

1. Prepare a Philip head screwdriver.

2. Use the screwdriver to remove the transmitter cover, where you’ll see the transmitter dip switches.

remove the transmitter cover GTO Mighty Mule

3. The transmitter comes with nine switches. You can place each one of them in different positions.

4. Set the dip switches.

GTO Mighty Mule dip switches

5. Set your new personal code.

6. Close the cover.

7. Press and hold the transmitter.

Press and hold the transmitter - GTO - Might Mule

8. At the same time, press the ‘Learn RMT button’ from the control board for five seconds or more until you hear an alarm.

9. You’re done! You now have a new transmitter code.

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