Getting Started with Touchtunes Karaoke

Karaoke is definitely a fun activity for friends on nights out with or without drinking. It is a no-brainer form of entertainment that allows friends or family to bond over music. However, hosting a karaoke night entails a lot of preparation. You need equipment and a host if you’ve got your friends ready for some celebration.

For restaurants and bars on the other hand, karaoke nights often require them to draw a crowd. In addition to that, this means investing in the right equipment and hiring a karaoke jockey to keep the diners entertained.
Platforms, like TouchTunes, come in to solve the problem and provide opportunities for venues and customers.

About TouchTunes

TouchTunes is an in-venue entertainment and music platform. They are featured in thousands of restaurants and bars across the US and Europe.

The brand is a leader when in it comes to in-venue entertainment. They started in 1998 with the pay-for-play digital jukebox. Since its release, the company has switched into a multi-application platform.

Interactive entertainment is something that’s embedded in its core. Its jukebox and mobile apps lets customers enjoy music in various venues.

The Virtuo

This is the world’s first smart jukebox. Aside from letting venue customers share music, it also has addition services, like photobooth, games, karaoke, and contests. This provides a one-stop shop for fun and entertainment needs in restaurants and bars.

The TouchTunesVirtuo includes a smart microphone, flat screen, video camera, track and lyrics library, spotlight, video camera, auto tune tools, and others.

Getting Started Touchtunes Karaoke

Customers can connect with the Virtuo through the TouchTunes app that’s available in both Android and iOS. This makes it easier for customers to get connected with the jukebox and play their favorite songs.
For restaurants and bars, the setup with Virtuo is minimal and hassle-free. It’s a space-saving entertainment solution with no bulky equipment. It’s also easy to manage.

The additional TouchTunes Karaoke for Virtuo uses the existing connection and jukebox which minimizes.

How to use the Karaoke

Here’s how you can start using your TouchTunes and use the karaoke system:

With the TouchTunes remote:

There is only one universal remote to control the karaoke functions. With this the jukebox can switch into karaoke mode. Any staff can take control and act as a host for karaoke nights or events.

In karaoke mode, the Virtuo skin turns magenta. Just choose a song and let the queuing begin. Lyrics are shown on-screen throughout the entire venue so everyone can sing along as well. Participants can adjust the key of the song.
The host can skip, start a song, or rearrange the queue through the remote. It can also be used to adjust the volumes and microphone levels. It’s also easy to start karaoke games with TouchTunes Karaoke.

With the app:

Find the TouchTunes application on your mobile device. The app is available on both iOS and Android gadgets. Once you’ve downloaded the application, use it to search for venues with the TouchTunes jukebox near you.

The app acts as a remote control so you can search for songs, play your favorites, and import your playlist. You can queue songs through your app and get smart song recommendations. This engages users without them leaving their seats.

The application is unique and interactive which allows you to applaud favorite performers. It is also integrated with the myTouchTunes social network to allow performers earn for their participation.

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