Complete Programming Tutorial for Genie Intellicode Wireless Keypad

Having problems with your Genie Intellicode Wireless Keypad? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered.

Setting up the Keypad

setting up genie garage door keypad
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To make your keypad work with all Genie Intellicode openers:

  1. Press numbers 3, 5 and 7 on your keypad, then press the Up/Down button.
  2. Wait for back light to be steady, press the Program button. LED light should flash red.
  3. Release the Program button, wait for the LED light to go dark.

Setting PIN Code

setting pin code of genie garage door remotes
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  1. Press 3, 5 and 7 then press the Program button.
  2. Nominate your PIN code (any 3-8 number combinations).
  3. Input PIN and press the Program button.

One Keypad, 2-3 Doors

one genie remote keypad on 2-3 doors

  1. Input your PIN then press the Program button twice.
  2. Press on the number of garage doors you are going to program the keypad with. Press the Program button.
  3. Input PIN then press Up/Down button.
  4. Press number 2 to program door 2.
  5. Hold the Program button, wait for the LED light to flash red.
  6. Release the Program button, wait for the LED light to dim.

Synchronize Keypad Opener (single door)

sychronized genie remotes keypad opener
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  1. Press and hold the square Program button on the garage door opener. The round LED light should turn blue and then go off.
  2. Wait for the long LED light to blink purple.
  3. Input your PIN in the keypad then press the Up/Down button thrice with 1-2 second interval each time.
  4. Long LED light should stop blinking on the first time and turn off the second time. The door will open or close on the third time.
  5. Activate the door by press any button. Wait until back light goes off in 30 seconds.

The same steps are needed to synchronize multiple doors. Press the door number you want to program after putting in your PIN and press Up/Down button 2 more times. Proceed to Step 3.

A red LED light in the operator means programming is unsuccessful.

To operate the door, simply enter your PIN and press the Up/Down button. If you are using multiple doors, enter the pin, press Up/Down button and then press the door number you want to use.

Mounting the Keypad

mounting genie garage door keypad
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You will need a drill and 2 screws to hang the keypad on a wall. Make sure to place it inside the garage, away from moving door parts and at least 5ft above the floor.

When mounting the keypad, remove the batteries first. Changing batteries of the keypad will not erase any programming done.

Resetting and Changing the PIN

changing/resetting the pin of genie remotes keypad
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You can reset your PIN code by:

  1. Press Program button and Up/Down button at the same time for 5 seconds or until LED light blinks.
  2. Wait for LED light to stop blinking.
  3. Do steps 1 to 3 of Setting Pin Code.

Or you may simply change the PIN right away:

  1. Enter your current PIN code and press the Program button.
  2. Type in your new PIN and press the Program button again.
  3. Successful change of PIN should make the LED light blink and keypad back light go off.

Programming Temporary Pin

programming temporary pin on genie remotes keypad
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If you have workers coming over like a mechanic or a caterer, you may give them a temporary access to your garage door by creating a temporary PIN for them.

  1. Input your PIN and press Program button thrice.
  2. Enter your temporary PIN and press Program button once.
  3. Temporary PIN will be erased the moment you use your own PIN.

This is a general tutorial. Buttons and LED light may look different and may work differently. Make sure to read your manual for keypad and operator first.

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