How to Setup a Programming for Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad

Genie Door company is an authorized garage door opener dealer that offers high-quality garage doors opener starting from the year 1964. As of now, they continue to serve people by presenting the most innovative items to keep your home and garage secure.

If you already purchased your Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad, you might need to follow some instructions or manual to set up programming.


Here are the procedures you need to follow:

Before we proceed with the complete tutorial, you need to familiarize yourself with the Intellicode keypad’s button. At the top, you’ll see the program button, below is the key indicator. Then, in the rest of the body, there you will see the complete number with up and down keys.

When you press the keys, the key indicator and program button flash a light. You’ll know the keypad accepted the codes when the backlights remain until 15 seconds. On the other hand, if the programming is unsuccessful or you push the wrong button, the backlight will blink rapidly. To avoid this from happening, you need to learn to follow the right instructions for this.

Reset Keypad Procedure:

1. Open the cover halfway.
2. Push and hold the program button and number 8 key simultaneously. The key indicator will blink once for 5 seconds.
3. Cover the keypad.

Programming Procedures:

1. Open the keypad’s cover fully.
2. Push the key 3, 5, and 7.
3. Push the Program button. You’ll see key indicator blinks for a few seconds.
4. Enter your new PIN.
5. Press the Program button once again. The key indicator will blink rapidly.
6. Close the Keypad with the full cover.

Next Procedure:

1. Press and hold the Receiver Learn Code (from your Power Head Receiver) for a few seconds, then release.
2. Enter your PIN.
3. Press the ‘Send’ button twice.
4. Push send for another time to test if your door is moving.

Add More Doors to Your Genie Intellicode Keypad:

1. Open the full cover.
2. Enter your first PIN.
3. Press the program button three times.
4. Press the number key the same with the total of doors you want to program.
5. Push the Operator Learn Code button.
6. Enter your first PIN.
7. Press Send.
8. Enter the door number you want to set.
9. Push Send button three times.
10. Close the cover.
11. To test if programming is successful, open the cover again, enter your PIN1, then enter key number 1.
12. Repeat the same process with the next machine.

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