Starting from Scratch: How to Install and Troubleshoot Your Genie Garage Door Remotes

Genie garage door openers

Garage door remotes make home life a tad bit easier. Most households have one and it is deemed a necessity in living the modern life. It makes the daily life more convenient as if you can do everything with just a simple press of a button. You would want your new house to have a garage door opener to make every day driving easier.

If you have a new Genie remote for your garage door, here are some tips and tricks that can help you in installing and in troubleshooting common issues especially if you’re a new homeowner.

Installation and Programming

It is easy to program and install your new Genie remote. Ensure that you are within the frequency range of your garage door opener. If you have the manual on hand, read on the specific instructions for your Genie remote model.

Follow these easy steps in programming your remote which works for most models:

• Find the Learn Code button and LED indicator on both the receiver and the remote. This button is usually placed near the antenna on the receiver, but varies depending on the unit that you own. This is usually an unmarked little button behind the light lens. Once you press this button, the indicator will blink twice every second.

• Program the remote. After pressing the button on the receiver, press the Learn Code button on the remote three times so it can grab the code and the frequency. If this is done successfully, then the LED indicator will go out.

• Check everything. To ensure that the remote has been programmed, press the remote button. This should open the garage door properly. If it doesn’t, then you need to repeat the above steps.

• Repeat the same instructions for multiple doors or multiple remotes. The Genie legacy Intellicode garage door openers can be programmed with multiple remotes. Just repeat the same instructions for programming different remotes. You also need to do the same for multiple garage door openers.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Once you’ve successful programmed and installed your new garage door opener and remote, you might encounter problems along the way. These are normal and can happen sooner or later. If your remote control does not work, here are some troubleshooting ideas that you can do to make everything work:

• Try to change the remote with fresh batteries. Sometimes, this problem is just as easy as replacing your old batteries with new ones to make your remote function as it should.

• If it still does not work, test out the battery contact inside the remote. Dirty battery contacts can affect the electric current. Try drying and polishing contacts that look pitted. You can use fine-grit sandpaper in polishing dirty contacts.

• Check and test the programming of your remote if other factors seem to work well. You might need to reprogram your remote from the start to make it work. Just follow the steps above and test it afterwards.

• You can also move and adjust the antenna on your receiver to a different direction and test your remote. Try moving it around and continually test your remote if it receives the frequency.

• If you have recently replaced your regular incandescent bulb on the receiver with newer LED bulbs, this might be interfering with the remote signal. Replace it with the incandescent bulbs to avoid problems or use specific LED bulbs that work with your Genie remote.

• Reset the system, both the remote and the receiver. Since remotes and receivers are also like computers, often the solution can be just resetting them. To do so, unplug the receiver and plug it again after 30 seconds. Likewise, remove the batteries and re-install them inside the remote.

• If everything still does not work, you might need a replacement remote for your garage door opener. Contact your nearest dealer for a replacement remote.

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