Genie Garage Door Openers Compatibility Quick Guide

This article is written by Kristy Jones of a Garage Door Opener Store.

Remotes and other accessories may get broken or misplaced. When this happens, you need to find a replacement. If you own a Genie garage door opener, you might need to check out the compatibility of the remote to your specific opener. This is a necessary step to ensure that you’re purchasing the right remote. You cannot skip it if you have older models since these do not work with every universal remote control.


To find the perfect remote control for your Genie garage door opener, you need to know the specific model that you have or find out the remote model if you still have it with you.

Remove the cover on your garage door remote to find the garage door opener model. This will be your guide in finding the remotes that are compatible to your opener. Check the back of your old Genie remote and look for the model number. Some remotes might only have the word Bluemax or acsctg at the back without any model number. The Bluemax remotes use dipswitches. By identifying the number of switches on your remote, you can identify the specific model. You can also find the dipswitches at the back of the overhead motor.

All the garage door opener parts from Genie, Alliance, Bluemax, Norelco, Lift-A-Door, Pro Max and OverHead Door are interchangeable with the Genie garage door openers. The OverHead Door Corporation manufactures all these brands.

Operator Model

If you only know the specific Genie garage door opener model, find the corresponding remote by following this:

For the 12A, ALC60, ALC70, B8QACST, CMS60, CMS70, CM80S, G4050CL, G5000-2, G5000-CL, G5050-2, G5050-CL, G5700, G5700-CL, G8000, G8000-CL, GDR900-2, GPS1200, GPS700, GX9000-1, GX9000-CL, GXL10000, GXL10000-C1, GXL9500-1, GXL9500-2, GXL9500-CL, GXL 9900-CL, LAD125, LAD333, LAD555, LLD550A, LEGACY, LIFTDOOR, PMX1200, PMX60, PMX65, PMX70, PMX700, PMX75, PMX80, PMX80 Q SS, PMX85, PRO82, PRO8800, PRO098-S, PRO88-S, RCD 125, RCD 500, SD 2500, SP229, and the ALC80 operator model, you can use the Genie GM3T-BX visor or the Carper 390 keychain.

The ALC75, CM7600-IC, CM8600-IC, CMDD9900-1C, GCG350-2, GCG350-2, GCG350-2WK, GCG350L-1, GCG350L-1Ml, GCG350L-2, GCG350L-2ML, GCG350L2WK, GPS1200-1C, GPS700-1C, H2000C-1, H4000AS-2, H6000A-K, H8000D-2K, IC250-1, IDS995-2WKM, IMS1000, IMS1000-2/B, IS525, IS525-1/B, IS550-1/B, IS550-2/B, IS550-2X, IS900-1, IS900-1/B, IS900-2, IS900-2B, IS920, ISD1000-2H, ISD1000-2HG, ISD990-2, ISD950-2, ISD950-2/B, ISD995-2WKGM, ISD980-2, ISD980-2/B, PCG MODELS, PCG400, PCG450, PCG500ML, PCG600, PCG650, PCG700ML, PMX300-1C, PMX300-ICB, PMX500-1C, PMX500-ICB, PRO95-21C, PRO99021C, PYTHON, and the ALC85 are compatible to the Genie G1T-BX one-button visor remote.

The Genie garage door openers with model numbers G2500 works with the Genie GM3T-BX.

Other operator models do not have available replacement. These garage door operators are: AR50, AR79, AT35, EXECUTIVE, G-SERIES, and the G-146066.

Remote Model

If you know the remote model your old Genie remote, here’s how you can find the compatible replacement remote for your garage door opener:

Genie remotes with model numbers AT 85, AT85P, MAT85, MAT90, BLUE MAX, AT90, CT 90, LD12, GPT90-1, GPT90-3, 12A, and AT 95 can be replaced with the Genie GM3T-BX visor or the Carper 390 keychain.

The CODE DODGER is compatible with the Genie G1T-BX one-button visor remote.

Intellicode remotes, such as ACSCTG, ACSGT, ACSCRTO Types 1, 2, and 3 can be replaced with the Genie G1T-BX one-button remote or the Genie GM3T-BX three-button visor.

Certain remote models, like the COMMAND CONTROL and CRYPTAR do not have an available replacement.

To be safe with your purchase and replacement, you can also visit your local dealer to find a suitable replacement. You can also request a personal visit or just bring a photo of the model number so you have more options. Ensure that you are asking for professional advice so you won’t purchase the wrong replacement remote.

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