Actionable Steps to Setup Your Genie 37337R and Genie G1T BX Remotes

If you lost your Genie remote control for your garage door opener, then you need to replace it and reprogram a new remote with your garage door opener.

Getting a universal garage door remote is just one way of replacing it. In choosing one however, you need to consider the garage door opener that you have at home. Make sure that the Genie remote that you purchase is compatible with your opener.

The Genie 37337R and G1T BX Remotes

The Genie 37337R remote and the G1T BX remote are both handy mini remotes that can fit in your pocket. The former can be used to control three openers while the latter can only be used with one opener.

The 37337R is a closed-confirm remote that informs you whether or not you have properly closed your garage door. You no longer wonder if you have left your door open. The G1T BX, on the other hand, is compatible with openers that have frequencies of 315MHz or 390MHz.

Steps to Setup Your Genie 37337R Remote

The Genie 37337R remote works with all the IntelliG and TriloG operators. It is also compatible with openers from 1996 to the present.

In installing this remote, you need to make sure it is compatible with your current Genie garage door opener. Check if your opener has a serial number of 10 or higher. You need a network adapter for the remote to work with a single opener. You may need more if you intend to pair the remote with two or more openers.

To start, remove the battery cover on your remote and place fresh batteries on the remote. Remove the network adapter port cover on your opener and insert the network adapter into the port with the antenna facing down. If the installation is successful, the green LED will come on. If not, check if there is power.

After installation is done, program your remote. Press the button at the end of the network adapter. The green LED light will stay on then the blue LED will start flashing. Right after, press a button on your remote and you’ll see the green LED flash and hear two beeps. The blue LED will blink twice and go off. This completes the programming.

You can now test your Genie 37337R remote by pressing it to check if the garage door opener responds.

Steps to Setup Your Genie G1T BX Remote

This remote allows for the easy operation of Genie garage doors from 1995 to the present. There are two ways in setting up your G1T BX remote depending on the kind of garage door opener that you have.

If your garage door has the learn button, program your remote by pressing the button on your opener. The opener’s LED light will blink rapidly. Then, press and release the button on your remote. The LED will stay on. Press again the remote button and this turns off the LED light. Press again the remote to see the garage door open. Programming has been completed. Test the remote by pressing the button, if the door opener responds it has been programmed successfully.

For those with program buttons on their openers, look for the program button and press it until the LED turns blue. Release the button and the long LED light will blink in purple. Afterwards, press and release the button on your remote. The long LED will stop blinking and go steady purple. Press the remote button again so both LED lights blink in blue and go off. Press the button for the third time, and the opener will respond. This signals that the remote has been properly programmed.

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