5 Perfect Garden Tools Storage Ideas in Your Garage

photo houzz.com
photo houzz.com

It’s not every day that you weed out your garden, repot your plants or place new plants in your garden. Like everything, there is a perfect season to do your gardening. And on those days when you don’t need your garden tools, we have the perfect storage ideas to keep them out of your way and protect it from getting damaged at the same time.

The best place to create a storage space for your garden tools would be your garage. It is not only close to your garden but it has enough space for you store all of the things you would need to maintain and beautify your garden. You cannot only store there your tools but you can even store their seeds and seedlings as you wait for it to be mature enough to be planted in your garden. You can also stock their flower pots and planters.

Garden tool organization in your garage is not difficult to create and not expensive either. The most basic and the very key to having a functional and accessible storage space is cleaning the area first and keep it clean all year long. You don’t need to have a big garage, just make sure you will maximize the portion of space that you will allocate for your garden tool storage and not take up the whole space that could be used for your car and other things.

1. Place hooks on the wall. Line up big-sized hooks on the wall occupying at least 1.5 meters of the wall with a distance of 2-3 inches between each hook and at least 4 feet from the ground. You can use this is hanging your round shovel, spades. Post hole-diggers, trowel, pick axe, pitchfork, weeding tools and rakes.

2. Drawers for small to medium garden tools like pruning shears, bypass pruner, loppers, gardening gloves and safety glasses. You can also use drawers to store packets of seeds and fertilizers, as well as markers and labeling sticks for your plants. Just don’t forget to place liners in your drawers to also protect it from stain and getting chipped with sharp tools.

3. Shelves for other garden essentials. You can place here your mallets, clean and empty clay or plastic pots, bottles of fertilizers, little tubs and buckets. You may also use it to display gardening books and magazines.

4. Create cabinets or you could even buy ready-made cabinets from hardware stores like the one you in your kitchen, just make sure it matches or complements the design of the house. These cabinets would be good for organizing that can be used as additional storage for other gardening tools. You can even place there your other tools as long as you arrange it nicely and neatly. Never mix carpentry tools or automotive tools with it, instead use a divider inside the cabinets. You can also store there garden hose and pesticide sprays. Don’t forget to label the cabinet doors so you can easily locate the items you need.

5. You can also buy see through storage boxes or even the microwavable types to be placed in the shelves. These can be used to also store seeds, tapes, labeling sticks, brushes and other small stuff you will need for your garden. These can also be used for keeping nuts and bolts that you might need for your garden.

Our list in creating a functional and well-organized storage space for your gardening essentials can be made even better. With your creativity and diligence and if you dedicate your time even for just one weekend in accomplishing this project, it will make your life better and stress-free. No more going crazy in looking for rakes, trowels, etc. and no more injuring yourself just because you have to go through a large pile of messed up boxes looking for your gloves, pruning shears and other gardening tools.
The hardest part in this project is getting started, while the ultimate goal is to create a space that is clean, well-organized and appealing to the eyes once the garage door is open and of course a special place for all your gardening tools that will help you maintain your beautiful garden.

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