Basic Garage Ventilation System Tutorial

The garage works as a storage space for our vehicles. Oftentimes, it does more than that. It also stores gardening equipment, home tools, and probably some seasonal items and decorations. Because of this, the garage tends to be a crowded, hot, and dirty part of the house. A hot garage is not ideal for any home. It may get hotter during summer, as well.

Garage ventilation, in addition to organization, is a growing concern for many homeowners. Failing to ventilate your garage properly can be dangerous. The vehicles’ engines and brakes will radiate heat. The concrete floor on garage also does the same thing.

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A ventilation will cool your garage by pulling air from the garage and exhausting it back outside. If you are looking into adding ventilation to your garage without spending a huge sum, here are the steps on how you can build your own temporary garage ventilation system:

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Gather your tools.

You will be needing some fiber glass filters and wood that you can purchase at your local home improvement store. Some two pieces of eight-foot long 2 x 6 wood and two pieces 2 x 4 wood will do the trick. You might need to cut up the 2×4 wood into smaller pieces to fit the glass filters. Make sure that the pieces of wood is slightly longer than the height of the filters so you can easily take out and remove the filters. The filter system will go under your garage door to allow clean air to circulate inside the garage. Make sure that you have your power drill, screws, and some duct tape ready.

Build an exhaust system.

Make sure that you have cut and the small pieces of wood to lock in place the filters. The large 2×6 wood will serve as your base and top of the system. However, the length will vary depending on the size of your garage. You might need longer wood for a larger garage door. The filters will go on the middle part of the wood so you need to lock them in place with the small pieces of wood. Make sure that you allow enough space so you can keep it in place but still be able to slide them in or out. Screw the small pieces of wood on either side of the larger wood. Once you’ve slid all the filters, lock them down by putting the other large wood on top. Now, you’re ready to put that below your garage door to allow air to come in and out.

Make an intake system.

After the filter system is done, you now have to worry about the intake system. This will suck in clean air into your garage. You can take up any fan that you have and attach the same fiber glass filter at the back. Just use a duct tape around the sides to keep it in place. With the filter at the back, the fan will be sucking in clean air and push it inside the garage. Put your fan in any window and make sure that it is secure. This will replace a window that you have in the garage. Make sure that the fan fits the window. If there are any space on the side, make sure that you put something. You can duct tape the empty space or put plastic just to make sure that there will be no dirty air that’s coming in.

This ventilation system is something that you can install and remove whenever the need be. It’s not a permanent ventilation so as to prevent rat infestation in the garage. Specifically, this ventilation system is perfect for when you are dipping your car inside your garage.

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