7 Essential Tips to Improve Your Garage Security for Your Christmas Vacation

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Christmas is usually the best season to spend more time with the family. This means more vacations and more time visiting family. Many people leave their homes to visit families or go for out-of-town or out-of-the-country vacation trips.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation this Christmas, it is wise to boost your home’s security, especially your garage to prevent any break-ins. This is one of the most vulnerable areas in your home. With the car and other valuable inside of it, the garage can also be appealing to thieves.

Here are the top tips to improve your garage’s security in preparation for your Christmas vacation:

Invest in an Alarm

Home alarms still work as a security guard for your home. This can be a deterrent for burglars and will easily alert your neighbors in case of a break-in.

There are already different kinds of home alarms available in the market today. If you already have one for the rest of your home, you can get one that specifically works for your garage. This can be connected to your main home alarm for the best defense that you have against burglars.

Lock up the Door

This is not just for your garage door, but also for that door that connects your home to your garage. Most homeowners just leave this door unlocked for all the wrong reasons.

Remember to lock up your door whenever you leave your house. Although this seems like a hassle on your part, this can be a big difference especially if you want to secure your home. You can also use a dead bolt on this door to prevent unsolicited access to the rest of your home.

Upgrade your Motion Detectors

Most garage security already comes with a motion detector. If you have one, remind yourself to upgrade these features, especially if you have an older security system in place. These allow you to detect moving objects and warm bodies going inside your garage. These infrared lights detect motion and it stays on when it detects something.
Don’t forget to test your motion detectors before you leave for your vacation. This ensures that the security systems are working properly so you have the peace of mind that you need.

Cover the Windows

If your garage has any windows, keep it covered if you’ll be away for a long period of time. You wouldn’t want anyone nosing around your property, especially your garage. Cover windows with a thick curtain or blinds so people cannot see what’s inside. A visible window can attract the worst persons and it’s easy to see what’s valuable and worth the trouble.

You might want to cover all your windows in your home, as well. Cover every window in all your rooms to ensure no one can easily see that you’ve left the house.

Secure your Remote

Don’t leave your garage door opener remote control anywhere while you’re vacationing. This gives anyone who comes across it an easy access to your garage. What you can do is to purchase a keychain remote that allows you to bring it anywhere with you without having to worry about the bulky remote.

Invest in a Good Garage Door Opener

Although basic garage security is common, it pays to boost your garage’s security. If you don’t have an automatic garage door opener, go for one with better security features. Some already have a rolling-code technology that prevents any code grabbing. Other openers also allow you to control access through your smartphone so you have full power over who gets inside your home.

Buy Extra Security Features

Purchasing additional security feature is also great for peace of mind. A security camera that gives you real-time view of what’s going inside your home is worth the investment. This also allows you to check your garage even when you are traveling. Some already feature a smartphone access so you can check any time you want.

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