Basic to Advance Garage Roller Door Fixes & Maintenance

Advance Garage Roller Door Fixes

Most garage door problems fall along basic patterns. If your door demonstrates particular actions, it likely suffers from certain causes. In this guide, we’ll provide the most frequent types of bad garage door behavior so you can match the door’s problem with the solutions we suggest.

Once you diagnose the problem, fixing the issue becomes much easier. Of course, more severe problems require professional assistance, but it never hurts to investigate the issue yourself before calling for help.

Let’s check out some ways to fix your garage door. We’ll begin with the basics and move to more advanced issues later.

1. Squeaking Sounds

Check if there is any obstruction on the spring that affects the opening and closing of the door. Using silicon spray (WD-40) apply it on the spring on both sides of the roller door including also the side of the door to lubricate it. Check if there are any squeaking sound that can be heard, if there is, just repeat spraying lubricants.

 Cleaning Lubricant Spray

apply it on the spring on both sides
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2. Cleaning Guide Rails

You can use any silicon spray to clean up the guide rails. Use at least any protective measure when using any cleaners and be careful not to spray it on metal shafts. Rinse and repeat to clean. You may remove to clean the other side of the rails by using a screw remover and make sure to realign them with the doors when you put it back.

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3. Realigning the Guide Rails after cleaning

To realign the guide rails is to check if the door opens and close it means that the rails is not pushed tightly, remove the brackets to align. The other way to do this is that when you place the guard rail, squeeze the guard rails on the door and try to see if the alignment is proper.

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