5 Ways to Make Your Basement or Garage a Place to Stay and Enjoy

Often, the basement or the garage is an empty and boring part of the house. If it is not packed with old items, it is dirty and forgotten. If you don’t actually use this space in your house, then there are tons of projects that you can do with it. You can remake your basement or garage and turn it to a fun and beautiful place that your family would enjoy.

Here are some ideas to inspire you on how you can recreate your basement or garage.

1. Party place.

photo by Maura Watson

If you like hosting dinners or events at home, then making your extra room as a party place sounds like a great idea. Converting your garage or basement into an entertainment room where you can have food and drinks with friends can be a fun project. It also keeps the mess all in one place instead of having your guests all over the house. This prevents any unwanted spills on your living room carpet or broken items in the kitchen. You can build your own mini bar in your basement and add different furniture depending on the theme that you are trying to create. If you like clubs, then you may want to add lights and good sound system. If you just want a chilled out place, then some couch and chairs will do the trick.

2. Gaming and music hub.

photo by Cynthia Rowley

For households that are into gaming and music, a hub will be a place where the family can get together. Create a fun atmosphere in the garage or basement by recreating it and adding your family’s favorite games and records. Have a foosball, pool table, and your gaming consoles all in one room. Your record collection can sit in one side so the rest of the family can enjoy playing music, as well. Make sure you have a fun theme that the entire family loves. Creating a gaming and music hub will help make a weekly get-together for the family.

3. Comfortable room.

garage bed room

If you lack living space in your home, then converting a useless garage or basement is the perfect solution. Switch things up and make it a comfortable living space and a guest room for when you have friends or family over. Add a bed, comfortable beddings, and a couch. You can style it to have the similar feel as the rest of the house. You can put in some posters and other decorations to make it homey and comfortable. Play around with some color combinations or theme. You can go minimalist or try a muted color combination with some textures all over the beddings. Your kids might even want to stay in this room already.

4. Extended living room.

photo by Rachel Mellotte

Those who have a small living room might make the use out of an extended living room. This is perfect for when you want a bigger space for your family or friends to chill in. Add a bigger couch with a television and ample of space for guests to move around. Make sure that the space is converted to full-functionality.

5. Steve Jobs’s bat cave.

photo by Pinnacle Films

Oh no, we’re not asking you to make your garage into a Steve Jobs memorial. But, turning your extra space into this kind of bat cave means creating a productive working space that even Steve Jobs would like to work in. Make your new home office spacious and well-lighted to make it more comfortable for working. Use ergonomic furniture so you can have work long hours. Add a blackboard where you can write and see your goals. If you have enough space, you might want to add a standing desk to change things up as you work. You might need to invest in insulation and in electrical works to accommodate your computer, printer and other electronic needs.

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