Top 11 Garage Issues and Solutions

The garage door is one of the most useful devices in the home. It has been making lives of homeowners quite convenient for decades. In addition to that, it has also been upgraded in the recent years to have a full layer of security for the home. It is already becoming an indispensable part of the home.

However, you cannot avoid having problems with your garage door. Although it is sturdy, there will come a time when you’ll have issues due to broken parts or just normal wear and tear of daily use.

garage won't close

Here are the common garage door issues and solutions to help you during those tough times where your garage door won’t work as it should:

1. Door doesn’t close all the way to the floor. This probably is one of the most common garage door issues and solutions. Often, when this happens, the close limit switch may need some adjustment. It may not be adjusted according to your door’s height. If this is not the case, check if the garage door is binding when it has to be lowered or raised manually.

2. Garage door doesn’t open fully. If the garage door opens but stops short halfway it may be caused by the up limit switch or by damaged rollers. If it’s the former, check your switch and adjust it accordingly. The switch is usually a lever found at the end of the track. If it placed too far, the door will stop before completely opening. Adjust it by moving it closer to the motor. If it’s caused by damaged rollers, the only solution is to replace them with new ones.


3. Door only closes halfway and then reverses. This is caused by a broken cable, worn-out extension pulley, an improper adjustment of the close limit switch or bent tracks. When you encounter this problem, make sure that you call the professionals for this issue.

4. Motor doesn’t stop running. This can be an unusual problem for starters but can be quickly solved. This happens when you first install your garage door opener and you’ve miscalculated the garage door height. It is often caused by the up-limit switch that’s not placed properly. If your motor won’t stop running, you might have to readjust your up-limit switch and place it farther from the motor.

5. Door opens slowly and awkwardly. This usually happens when the springs are broken or have problems. What you can do is replace the spring with new ones that match your garage door. Although this can be a difficult and dangerous task, it is doable for experienced homeowners. You can also hire a specialist to repair your springs.

6. Garage door reverses after touching the floor. When the door leaps upward right away after it hits the floor, you have an issue with your close limit switch. To solve this problem, adjust the screw on the switch in small increments. Test the door and check. Continue the adjustments until the door stops even when on the floor.

7. Door doesn’t operate with either keypad or remote. When you first encounter this problem, check the power supply on your garage door opener to rule out this cause. This issue can be triggered by different things. Replace the batteries on your remote and check the wiring on the keypad. Ensure that the antenna is not damaged. You might also want to consider reformatting your keypad or remote.

8. Garage door won’t stay open. This is often caused by broken spring system as it is responsible for lifting the garage door. Check your springs found on top of your garage door. If you have a broken spring, you need to replace it right away as this can be a serious issue.

9. Door is uneven. A slanted or uneven garage door is often caused by a broken cable or worn-out spring cable pulley. A quick fix to this problem is to replace the cable or springs with new ones.

10. Garage door won’t open. This issue might be caused by bent tracks or broken springs. Once this happens, you have to replace the broken parts with new ones.

11. Door doesn’t open in winter. If you live in areas that have cold winters, then you might be experiencing this issue quite frequently. There will be times when your garage door won’t open properly during winter. If this is the case, adjust the sensitivity of the opener by looking for a screw on the motor. Refer to your opener’s manual in order to adjust the sensitivity accordingly.When it’s cold, the rollers might get stiff. So, you’ll need to lubricate your rollers.

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