7 Ideas in Improving Home Security both Indoor and Outdoor

Security should be the number one priority for every homeowner. No matter what the season is, ensuring your home is secure gives you peace of mind even if you’re away or having a good night’s sleep.

Everyday a home is broken into by burglars. Boosting your home’s security with some easy tips can save you from the risk of burglary. With the holiday right at the corner, it is imperative to keep your home safe and secure.

Here are seven ideas to help you in boosting the security of your home, both indoors and outdoors:


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  • Good quality safe. A durable security safe is a must if you are keeping valuable items in your home. However, many homeowners do not bother installing a security safe as they argue that they live in a safe neighborhood. A safe is not just for safeguarding valuables as it also keeps your belongings and documents safe from fire, water, and other calamities.
  • Purchase a timer for your interior lights. With lights turning on and off through the night or day, it gives the illusion that someone is home. This makes your home a less likely target for thieves. A programmable power strip turns on certain outlets randomly so there’s no evident pattern, especially if you’re away on a vacation.
  • Automate your home. Home automation systems are easy to use and helpful in securing your home. This allows you to activate your lights and other appliances through your mobile phone. This adds a little noise in your home that can prevent thieves from breaking in. In addition, you also get instant notification when an intruder enters your property and you can have a live view of your home whenever, wherever.


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  • Secure your gate and garage door. Add an extra layer of security to your gate and garage door. If you have a gate or garage door opener, it pays to have extra security features added. Many opener manufacturers already allow you to purchase smartphone controls and other security features to your opener. These features prompt you if you’ve left your gate or garage door open and notifies you whenever it is opened. Just having these extra features can secure your home from thieves.
  • Install a security system. If you haven’t invested in a good home security system, then it’s high time that you do. Having a burglar alarm prompts the police of a break in. A security system also keeps you updated of unwanted activities. You can also check if you have left any doors or windows left open.Never forget to arm your security system every time you leave home or go on a holiday. A set alarm can deter a burglar and instantly notifies your neighbors and the police.
  • Avoid leaving a spare key outside. This old strategy of leaving a spare key outside may do you more harm than good. No matter how clever your hideout is, burglars will definitely find your spare key. This is a quick and easy access to your home. So forget this method and stick to leaving keys with your family or friends who needs access to your home. You can also use a smart door lock that allows access to home cleaners, pet sitters or family members when they need. You can also check if they have properly locked the door and set the security system.
  • Protect your garage door emergency release cord. A new burglary strategy is making waves while making it easier for thieves to get into any home. The hanger technique, wherein burglars use a hanger to reach the emergency cord and pull up the garage door. To prevent this burglary from happening, secure your emergency release cord by threading a plastic zip tie through the emergency release latch. The tie is strong enough to prevent the cord from being pulled by a hanger.

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