Simple Ways to Make Your Garage Door Works and Look Better

Honestly, how many of us take really good care of our garage doors? When was the last time we did a maintenance check? When was the last time you had it repainted, repaired or gave it an updated look? Probably, you don’t even remember anymore.

For so many years, the garage doors have become one of the most important parts of the home. It serves as the main entry for most houses and it also adds an appeal to the home. But most of the time, homeowners tend to neglect and take for granted the existence of garage doors. So, to help you get that perfect looking, we have created a list that would give you great ideas to make your garage doors look classy, updated and let it function better.

1. Create a faux stained wood effect – to make your garage door not look like everybody else’s, make that elegant wooden garage door even if it is actually made of metal. This DIY project would cost you just a fraction of the actual cost if you replace it with real wood. All you have to do is buy different-colored stains to get the grained wood effect then apply it in layers. Top it with a coat of clear varnish to protect. This may take a few days to complete since you need to dry each layer before applying the next color.

2. Add fake windows – some homes that have front-facing double garage doors look like a very big blank space. Something that neighborhood kids would love to draw on with their colored chalks. But you can actually make it a hit and look great with a quick and stylish DIY upgrade. You may place high-impact plastic resin and screw them directly on the garage door, to create a fake window.

3. Faux carriage door look – another cool idea is to turn your boring garage door into a faux carriage door by adding carriage door hardware and accents, you may also add a goose-neck barn lights to finish the look.

Because a garage make-over is not the only thing you need, we have listed other stuff that you can do to make it work and last longer.

1. Insulating – since you do not only park your cars in the garage but do things as well in there, like tinkering tools or have a mini gym for lifting weights, etc. you have to insulate your garage doors to keep the space more comfortable.

2. Maintenance check for wear and tear; inspect all the moving parts like the springs, cables, rollers and the door itself. For minor repairs and replacements can be done by you but if it’s more than that, it’s time to call in an expert.

3. Lubricate – regularly lubricate your garage doors’ moving parts; best product to use is an aerosol spray lubricant and apply it on the hinges, rollers and the lock mechanism of the door.


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