A Complete Guide about Garage Door Remotes – Everything That You Should Know

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“Open Sesame,” ancient people have always dreamt of opening doors by magic. Now, we can open garage doors by a flick of our remote controls.

Modern technology has made our life easier by the invention of the remote control. We can turn almost everything on or off, change settings, channels and volumes just by pressing a button even without moving an inch from where we are.

The same technology is being used to open and close our garage doors. The concept is fairly simple to understand, although a broken remote control may be one of the worst things that could happen to you during a very cold winter night or a downpour.

To help you out, here is a guide to troubleshoot your garage door remote control problems.

Program Your Garage Door Remote Control

Programming a remote control may be necessary in case your old remote is broken or you bought several remote controls for your family members who are also using the garage. All garage door remotes should be programmed to work with the garage door opener.

You will need a ladder and your remote control to do the following.

  1. Find the learn button. This may be found outside or inside the opener lens cover. If inside, open the cover first.

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  2. Press the learn button once. Do not press the button for too long because it will reset all the programming the garage opener learned previously. Some openers may have a LED “light on” to signal that it is ready for programming.

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  3. Press the button found on the remote control you want to program. The lights in your opener may blink on or off to signal that you already programmed your remote successfully (some garage openers might not have the blinking light feature). Remember, you only have thirty seconds to program your remote after pressing the learn button.

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Replace Your Garage Opener Remote Battery

It is normal for batteries to die and a garage door opener remote control is no exception. Changing the battery of your remote control is easy. Simply open the remote control, remove the old battery and then replace it with a new one.

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There is usually a slot in one side of the remote that you can pry with a flat screwdriver. Open the remote and take out parts carefully. Make sure to remember how you removed each part so you can put them back as is after changing the batteries.

Some batteries can be flicked easily while some may have to be pushed out of a battery holder. Make sure to put the new battery on the right side up.

After changing the battery and assembling the remote again, test if your remote is working as it should. If not, you may need to program your remote control with the door opener again.

Reset Garage Door Keypad Code PIN & Remote Control Opener

There may be cases when you need to reset your garage door keypad code and remote control. Maybe there’s a burglary in the area and you want to change PIN codes for security purposes or you do not want your ex getting in the house without your consent.

Whatever the reason is, all you need is a ladder and your garage door opener.

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To reset the keypad PIN:

  1. Press and hold the learn button found in the garage door opener. Depending on your brand, check the instructions to know how long you need to press the learn button to reset.
  2. Go to your garage door keypad and input your new PIN code then press enter. Make sure that your keypad’s batteries are working before doing a reset.

Similarly, you can reset your garage door remote the same way. Holding the learn button for a long time resets or erases all the memory of the machine. If you happen to press the learn button for a longer time, either on purpose or by mistake, you would need to program your keypad and all garage door remote control you own.

How to Program a Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote

There are different brands of garage door opener remote controls. Craftsman is one of such brand. Craftsman remote controls have three buttons – two small round ones and a big curved button.

image via ehow.com

Programming a Craftsman remote is similar to the ones mentioned above.

  1. Open the Craftsman garage door opener light cover to locate the red learn button.
  2. Press the red learn button once, a light beside the red learn button will light up.
  3. Press any of the three buttons found in the remote control.
  4. The light bulb near the learn button will flicker to indicate that programming was successful.

Program a Universal Chamberlain Garage Door Remote

Universal remotes for garage door openers are also common. These are helpful if you have two garage doors with different brands because universal remotes are not brand sensitive and can work for most brands.

For this guide, we will look into a universal remote from Chamberlain.

image via chamberlain.com

Chamberlain universal remote controls have a program button inside (beside the battery).

  1. Open your remote control to reveal the program button.
  2. Check the brand name of your garage door opener. Open the lens cover and note the color of the learn button.
  3. Match the details of your door opener with the manual that comes along with the remote control (example: Chamberlain brand, purple learn button). Note the number of times you need to press the learn button.
  4. Get your remote control and press the program button until the LED light is on.
  5. Press and release the learn button found on the garage door opener.
  6. Back on the remote control, choose whish button you would like to program. Press this button as many times as the manual indicates. You should hear a clicking sound after.
  7. Lastly, press the program button again. The LED light on the remote control should automatically turn off.

The latest version of the Chamberlain universal control does not need to go through steps 2 and 3. Instead, proceed to step 5 and then do step 4 several times on the button you want to program. Do this until one of the three happens:

  • Make clicking sound
  • Lights blink
  • Door opens or close

As soon as you get any of the three signals, skip step 6 and finish by pressing the program button found on your remote control again.

How to program the garage door remote opener in your car

Cars now have a garage door remote function or a HomeLink feature found on the car’s visor, rear view mirror or on the interior roof of the car. This may be convenient for those who frequently forget where their keys, glasses and even remotes are.

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You can program this feature very easily so you do not need to bring your remote control with you every day.

  1. Start your car running then put it on accessory to allow you to use its features while the engine is off. Wait for it to stop making the dinging sound.
  2. Press and hold the first and third buttons and wait for a light to blink before letting go.
  3. Next, choose the button you want to program. Get your remote control and press both buttons on the HomeLink system and your remote.
  4. Release the buttons as soon as the light on the HomeLInk system stops blinking.

Some HomeLink systems will have lights that blink slowly at first and then blinks fast to indicate programming is done. Check your manual to see what success indicator/s are in place in your HomeLink system.

If the steps do not work, try placing your remote control closest to the HomeLink system or check your remote control battery. You may also need to press the learn button found in the garage door opener to successfully program your car’s HomeLink system.

Make sure to test your remote, keypad and HomeLink system after each programming so that you can correct any faulty issues right away.

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