Garage Door Remotes

The garage door remotes are almost synonymous to garage door openers. When you have an opener for your home, you almost always have a garage door remote on hand. This allows you to operate your opener at a distance. Having a remote allows you to conveniently open and close your garage door without having to do so manually. You can also do it even if you’re just a few meters from your home.

garage door remotes

These handy devices are almost a must for homeowners. Having one can make your life easier, especially if you frequently drive to and from your home.

Types of garage door remote

There are different types of garage door remotes available for the homeowner. When you purchase a garage door opener kit, this usually comes with a free garage door remote or two depending on the make.

• One, two, or three-button remote. This remote usually has a standard size and comes with most garage door opener kits. This can be bulky but it serves its purpose. You can choose a single-button remote if you only have one garage door opener at home. Having multiple buttons will be handy if you have a gate operator or multiple garage openers at home that you can operate.

• Keychain remote. This is a handy garage remote that has to be purchased as an extra remote. It has a keychain attachment to add to your key rings. The keychain remote usually comes in square or rectangular shape. There is a circular button that needs to be pushed in order to operate the garage door.

• Visor clip remotes. This remote is usually used and kept in the car for convenience. With a clip at the back, this can be clipped to the car’s sun visor. It has one or two buttons that can be used for homes with multiple garage door openers. The operating range of a visor clip remote is around 100 feet. So, you can already use the remote as you’re driving up to your home.

When purchasing a new garage door remote for your opener, you have to make sure that it’s compatible. Check your manual and look into the specification of your opener. Often, older garage door openers are operated through dip switches. So you need to look for a remote that works with this kind of opener.

Programming and reprogramming your remote

Once you have a new remote for your opener, you need to set it up. To program it, make sure that you have your remote ready and that you are in the garage.

1. Find the learn button. This button is usually located at the back of the garage door opener. Just remove the light cover and find it. The button is usually placed near the antenna.

2. Program your remote. Once you found the button, press and hold it until the LED indicator on the opener blinks. Within 30 seconds, press the button on the remote that you want to program. The LED indicator will blink again to signal that programming has been successful.

3. Test it. After programming the desired button, test the button to see if it works. If you press the button on the remote, the garage door should respond. If it doesn’t, you might need to repeat the above steps and make sure that you are in range with your opener.

4. Repeat for other new remotes. If you have other remotes that you want to use with your opener, just follow the above steps.

If you’ve lost your garage door remote, you might need to reprogram your new ones. Doing so entails resetting all the codes stored in your opener so you can start a new code. This ensures that the burglar won’t be able to use the stolen remote.

1. Find the learn button. Just like the programming new remotes, look for the learn button at the back of the opener. Remove the light cover in order to get access to the button.

2. Reset the opener. Press and hold the learn button until the LED light turns off. This erases all the keypads and remotes that have been connected and programmed to your opener. The procedure might vary depending on the model of your opener. Make sure that you check with your opener’s manual.

3. Program your remotes. Once this is done, press the learn button again until the LED light blinks. Press the remote button and wait for the LED light to blink again.

4. Test the remote. After programming the remote, test your remote. Press the button to see if the garage door responds. If it doesn’t, you might need to program your remote.

Common remote problems and troubleshooting

Just like any other type of device, the garage door remote can also fail. If your remote is not working, don’t throw it out just yet. You might only need to replace its batteries or reprogram it.

Replace your old batteries with new ones and test it out if it’s going to work. To do so, just remove the screws on the remote to prop open its cover. Slide the cover and remove the batteries to replace them with new ones.

If it doesn’t work with fresh batteries, then you might need to reprogram your remote. You can check your remote’s manual for more details on how to reprogram your opener or check the instructions above.

Remote security and safety

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This is something that many homeowners might be concerned about. Since the garage door also serves as a major entry for most homes, it can also be used as an entry for burglars. Unfortunately, the convenience that a garage door remote provides can also backfire. It can also be stolen and used to open your garage.

The garage door remote is among the top items that burglars search for. To keep your home secure at all times, don’t leave your garage door remote in your car. If you leave your car accidentally open, no one can take your remote and use it to search for valuable items inside your home.

If you keep forgetting your remote, you can instead opt for smaller-sized one. A keychain remote will allow you to carry it with you along with your other important keys. This is handier compared to a bulky visor remote.

The safety in your home should also be prioritized, especially when you have small pets or kids around. The garage door can be dangerous as this tends to be the heaviest part of your home. Keep your garage door remote out of your kids’ reach as they can play with it.

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