Top 4 Reasons Your Garage Door Remote Stopped Working

The garage door remote is often called by many names. It can be called a transmitter, clicker, or button. However, it is important to note that this little device is very much connected to the garage door opener. It activates and signals the opener to lift open or push close your garage door. When it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, what do you think is the issue?

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Before you throw your garage door remote and run, you need to check it out first. There are different reasons as to why your remote is not working properly. Here are the top for reasons:

• Dead battery. This is probably the simplest reason for when your garage door remote has stopped working. We often overthink about the technical issues when it can only be the batteries that need to be changed. To replace your batteries, just open the remote cover and grab some fresh ones. Test out the remote to see if the garage door opener will respond after you’ve changed batteries. If it does, then you just needed a new set of batteries for your remote. If it doesn’t, then you need to check the remote for other issues.

• Dirty eyes. There is an IR unit on both the remote and the opener that allows the two to communicate. This unit has a plastic covering called the eye. As the years pass by, these eyes can become dirty and scratched. Dirty eyes can hamper the communication between the remote and the opener so it doesn’t respond. Just clean the eyes with a damp cloth. Avoid using an abrasive fiber on it as this will scratch the eye and cause more problems. If you have a badly scratched eye on your remote, then you might have to replace it with a new remote.

• Physical damage to the remote. Physical damages on the remote will eventually lead it to stop working. Obvious situations might be when you dropped your remote or got it soaked in water. When this happens, you have to replace your remote. However, there are also not-so-obvious signs of physical damage to the remote that can happen. For example, the battery contacts can also get dirty or worn-out in the long run. This will prevent the remote from working as it should. Check if your contacts look pitted or discolored. These have to polished and dried for it to work. Use a fine-grit sandpaper to polish the contacts. Then, test the remote to ensure that it’s already working properly.

• Programming problems. This issue can occur when homeowners add devices to their garage door opener and accidentally un-program another device in the process. This will drop a remote or two from the program, which is why the remote is not working. However, this case can be rare. If this happens, just follow the programming instructions on the garage door opener manual. Test it out to see if it’s already working.

When you’ve checked your remote and it’s still not working, then you might be having problems with the circuit board that’s on the motor. This can be serviced by a trained professional. This is usually caused by power surges or when lightning strikes.

Changing your remotes

When you’ve gone through the lengths in inspecting your remote and there is no troubleshooting solution in sight for you, then maybe it’s high time that you get up and change your remote.

Purchase one that matches with your garage door opener. Make sure that you’ve checked the compatibility before your purchase. You can always go for remotes that have the same make as your garage door opener or opt for universal ones.

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