2020: Top 9 Best Garage Door Openers Update and Reviews

Having a functional garage door does not only add value to your home. It also gives different approach to make things easier because of its automation. Automatic garage doors that are operating properly helps avoid future safety concerns and lesser annoyance. Home automation of garage doors is increasingly adopted by homeowners because of the comfort they experience.

The main point why garage doors needed openers is for convenience. Openers make life easier especially if you’re inside your car. Providing a garage opener is really a necessity. It is not a luxury anymore because nobody wants to come out from a vehicle just to open your heavy garage door. The convenience you get from automaton drastically reduces the burden of hassles and stress.

If you have a garage door, you definitely need an opener to it. To avoid manual operation and pulling up of the door using brute strength, buying a door opener is the only solution. In the long run, this can be the wisest idea because it does not only avoid use of manual operation but it also proves to be more beneficial during rough weathers.

Below is an updated list of the top 9 garage door openers based on different reviews made.

1. Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled Ultra Quiet Door Opener

This is by far the most famous garage door opener in the market today. The belt drive of this door opener is its life. Chamberlain B970 has a reinforced, strong belt drive that is solely responsible for smooth, quiet and powerful performance. This sturdy belt drive is also the main reason for its long life of the drive. Its backup battery is by far one of the selling points of Chamberlain B970. Its backup battery works relatively great. The product is also Wi-Fi enabled and constitutes a single ¼ HP of lifting force with 3-button remote controls.

2. 8500 Liftmaster Elite Series MYQ Enabled Garage Opener

liftmaster 8500

This is an elite garage opener that is fully equipped with security2.0 and MYQ. It is a very reliable item packed with p3 motors on a belt drive system for a powerful performance. 8500 Liftmaster also features safety sensors. Installation is quite easy and can operate in complete silence. In case of power outage, the unit provides manual release function.

3. Chamberlain B730

An ultra-quiet garage door opener, this unit is also the best Wi-Fi garage door packed with the best security features. Because of the numerous videos available online, installation is a DIY process. Just like any other Chamberlain units, B730 has a great backup battery in case of power failures. The company offers a lifetime motor and belt warranty which makes B730 more reliable to use.

4. Genie ChainMax 1000

Every homeowner wanted his garage to function very smoothly. Genie ChainMax 1000 offers a unique style and ease of operation. Comes with its 2 pre-programmed remotes, the unit can be used as soon as it is set-up. You don’t need to worry about installation because it uses traditional chain drive and it is the reason why Genie ChainMax 1000 is fast to install. The buttons can be easily pushed because it uses smart programming technology which makes setting-up a breeze.

5. Chamberlain B503

This item has a good lifting power for a relatively cheap garage door opener. Comes from a trustworthy brand, Chamberlain B503 offers 15 years warranty on belt, 10 years on motor, and 1 year on its other parts and accessories. Chamberlain B503 uses steel-reinforced belt drive with ½ HP motor for lifting and is very quiet during operation. Just like any of its product lines, it is well designed. It is also upgradable to smartphone controls and its price is low when compared to other models with identical features.

6. LiftMaster 1355

This is another amazing product from LiftMaster. It consists of a built-in Wi-Fi that smartly opens and closes garage door with the simplest touch on your smartphone. Its MYQ technology is superb because this garage door opener makes easy compatibility to multiple home automation systems. It features one remote that is basically safe and secure to use because it sends a new code every time it is being operated.

7. Craftsman 1/2 HP

Suitable for both residential and commercial garage types, its chain drive of 0.5 HP requires minimal maintenance. Therefore you will spend lesser in maintenance cost. Furthermore, along with its remote control, it also gives wireless keypad. Craftsman provides sensors for additional safety features. These sensors emit invisible light beams used for opening and closing of the door.

8. Chamberlain PD510

If you want to have a reliable yet affordable garage door with amazing online reviews, the PD510 is a perfect choice. You will be guaranteed with a sturdy chain drive performance for years. It is very safe and convenient to operate Chamberlain PD510 because of homelink platform. The built-in safety sensors are installed strategically in the unit.

9. Chamberlain B550

One of the cheapest garage door opener in the market that offers superior quality is the Chamberlain B550. This item can be bought just under $200. It features an anti-hacking system with its high level of encryption system and can be operated as far as 1500 feet. The company offers 10 years warranty on motor and 15 years on belt. Chamberlain B550 is super quiet and operates with strong steel belt drive to which the company is known for.

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