Garage Door Openers for Homes

Homes today cannot go without a garage door opener. These home devices have become a staple especially when daily life is moving too fast. You don’t want to have to manually lift open your garage door every time you leave your house. Getting caught in the rain can also be a hassle once you’re driving up to your home.

Screw Drive Opener
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Being able to afford the convenience to open and close your garage whenever you are nearby and also control your home lights are definitely the major perks to having garage door openers. Not to mention that most openers already provide added home security which makes these valuable investments.

If you are looking for a new garage door opener for your home, you need to take into consideration that different openers have different pros and cons. Here are the three types of garage door openers that you need to be aware of to find out which one suits your family’s needs:

1. Screw-drive Opener

A screw-drive system opener is one that rotates on a threaded steel rod, which allows the trolley to open and close the garage door. This steel rood is directly engaged with the motor. Compared to the other types of openers, there are fewer components in a screw-drive opener. This would lead to less maintenance on your part over the opener’s lifetime. You don’t have to lubricate the opener regularly yet it still provides you the best in speed and power. Although this type is fuss-free, it can be noisy during operation.

If you think screw-drive opener is for you, you can check out LiftMaster 3240. This is from the brand’s premium series and provides optimal performance no matter what climate you are in. This maintenance-free opener also comes with a rolling code security feature.

The Destiny 1500 Screw has ultimate power and features a direct drive system for fast and reliable operation. This garage door opener is perfect for one-piece doors that are up to eight feet in height and sectional doors that are up to 14 feet in height.

2. Belt-drive Opener

This opener uses a belt in opening and closing your door. The belt-drive system can be the quietest garage door opener. It has a smooth operation and is very quiet during performance. This makes it the best option for those with attached garages, especially when the garage is adjacent or below the bedroom. However, this type can be a bit pricier compared to others. Just keep in mind that this can also be an investment in your end, if ever you decide on purchasing one.

The LiftMaster 8557 Elite Series is a belt-drive garage door opener. This has a ¾ HP motor that can lift the heavier garage doors. It has an ultra-quiet operation for homes with attached garages and also comes with security features, like the rolling code, MyQ technology, and light sensors.

Another option is the Legacy 850 belt-drive opener. It gives you power and convenience. It has ½ HP DC motor that can lift residential garage doors weighing up to 500 pounds.

3. Chain-drive Opener

It is the most common garage door opener out there. This type of opener utilizes a chain to move the trolley which in turn moves the door open or close. The chain-drive garage door opener is an affordable option and is also reliable. Unfortunately, these are noisy when they operate. It works for homes with no bedrooms near the garage or for those with detached garages.

Check out the LiftMaster 3255 from the contractor series for a good professionally-installed garage door opener. It comes with the MyQ technology and other standard safety and security features. This the best option for those who don’t want to install their opener themselves.

The Odyssey 1000 is available either as a chain or belt. It has a powerful ¾ motor that delivers speed and reliability during operation. This garage door opener has a soft start, which reduces the wear and tear on the door.

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