Top 8 Trusted Online Garage Door Opener Stores in US

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Modern homes already need garage door openers to make life easier. They are necessary for everyday life, like for driving in and out of the home. It is not a luxury anymore. Aside from being just a method in opening your garage door, it is also an additional layer of security.

If you are searching for a new garage door opener, here are the top online stores that you might want to check out (random order):

1. Amazon. This is a good place to go to if you want to have wider options. has different garage door openers from various manufacturers and sellers. It’s your one-stop shop if you want to have more options and compare the various openers available. If you are not so particular with the garage door opener brand, then you can definitely find one that suits you here. You can also find an opener that matches with your budgets

2. A Click Away Remotes. Just like Amazon, also has a wide variety of garage door openers and other home improvement parts. Whether you are shopping for a new one or for some parts for your opener. They also carry different manufacturers so you can definitely look for an opener fits your needs. The great thing with this online shop is that you can contact them if you couldn’t find a specific part that you need. They also provide discounts for bulk orders. They have excellent customer service that you can rely on if you have questions.

3. Lowe’s. As one of the large home improvement stores in the US, is a good online store to check out for quality appliances, furniture, and other home needs. They offer hassle free shipping once you buy on the website. They carry different garage door openers that you can compare and check out. You can also opt to pick up your purchase from your local Lowe’s store. They also provide good returns policy in case you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

4. Chamberlain. As one of the top garage door opener manufacturers in the US, you can make purchases from the Chamberlain website. It is a trusted manufacturer and they have different openers that will suit your needs. You can choose from their different drives. They also have their garage door opener accessories on their site so you have more options in case you’re looking for upgrades and more features for your garage door opener.

5. Sears. As one of the largest American department store chains, is an online store to go to for your home needs including garage door openers. They are known for appliances, clothing, and hardware. You can purchase your new garage door opener on the site and opt to pick it up from your nearest Sears shop. Sears carry the major brands of garage door openers and accessories online. You still get the same brick-and-mortar experience at the comfort of your home with more options.

6. Overhead Door. They carry both residential and commercial garage doors and garage door openers. Their openers are powerful and quiet, designed for the ultimate performance. has a full line of openers with a variety of power levels and features to match garage door of various sizes and weights. Each opener comes with standard functions for safety and convenience. They also have opener accessories if you want to add extra features.

7. LiftMaster. is known for their various lines of garage door openers. They carry different lines for different needs. They have garage door openers from their Elite, Premium, and Contractor Series. The Elite series gives you full control of your opener and comes with a full-suite of features. The Premium Series, on the other hand, offers reliability when it comes to security and performance. Lastly, the Contractor Series is all about power and performance for heavier use.

8. The Genie Company. As one of the oldest manufacturers or garage door openers. A trusted name in openers, has both residential and commercial openers.The brand offers next generation garage door openers that have innovative and reliable features.

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