Do It Yourself: The Easiest Way to Configure and Control Your Garage Door Opener with Your Smartphone

At this highly technological age, most can already be controlled from the smartphone. You can almost do anything with this handy device, including controlling your garage door opener. Although it might sound like science fiction, it is already possible with our current technology. However, this is an investment that a homeowner should make.

Connecting your Smartphone with your garage door opener will not only make your life easier but will also give you peace of mind. You always know the status of your garage door through your phone. With some simple clicks, you can monitor your garage door and be in the know in case there is an unauthorized entry made. Just having control and access whenever and wherever is more than just convenience.

Smartphone Connectivity

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There are different ways to have smartphone connectivity to your garage door opener. This should depend on the kind of garage door opener that you have.

If you have a Chamberlain or a LiftMaster garage door opener, then the MyQ Smartphone Control is what you should check out. You need to have a Wi-Fi capable opener from these manufacturers in order to use this feature. If you already have a Chamberlain or a LiftMaster opener that is not Wi-Fi capable, just upgrade your opener by purchasing the Internet Gateway, the MyQ Retrofit Package, or the MyQ Garage.

To connect your smartphone to your MyQ Garage, make sure that you have working internet at home for both your garage opener and your smartphone. Pair your smartphone to your opener via Bluetooth and follow the prompts. Once you’ve followed the setup, it will no longer be paired to the opener. Then, you will need to download the MyQ control app and follow the next steps to set it up and have access to your opener through your smartphone.

Other manufacturers, such as Genie and Craftsman, have its own smartphone connectivity devices. Genie has the Aladdin Connect while Craftsman has the AssureLink.

For the Aladdin Connect, you need to setup the door control module with the power pack and plug it to a wall outlet. Download the Aladdin Connect app on your smartphone. Just follow the instructions on-screen in order to create and account and a program. After everything’s installed, disconnect the power pack from the outlet and move it to the garage. Before you finally mount the device, ensure that there is good Wi-Fi signal. Wire the device as instructed in the manual. Mount the control module and the door sensors accordingly, then finish the programming.

There are also other applications and devices that you can use to configure your smartphone to your opener. Solutions such as GogoGate and Garageio are great in giving you control over your garage door. Both have application integration such as IFTTT and make use of other Internet of Things services and products.

Smartphone Control

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Once you have setup and connected your smartphone to your garage door opener, the actual controlling is the easy part. The applications are made to be simple and user-friendly so you can easily maneuver your way through the app.

On the MyQ Home application on your smartphone, you can see the places and the doors or lights that you have added to your system. If you have multiple doors and lights, you can choose which one you would like to open or turn on. Just press the icon on your screen to open or close it.

Other applications work similarly. You can see the status of your garage door on the app and open or close it as you wish. You can control your garage door from anywhere in the world and know whether you have left it open or not.

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