Garage Door Opener Remote Replacement 101 for Newbies

Garage Door Opener Remote Replacement Newbies Guide

We keep using the garage door remote like it’s going to last forever. This little nifty device is necessary in operating the garage door, home gate, and even your lights. This is something that is used everyday and is a necessity to home life. However, it might suddenly stop working and you find yourself lost and unsure what to do next.

When to Replace

When your garage door opener stops responding to your remote, the first thing you need to do is to change the batteries. If the opener still doesn’t responds but the motor is in operational condition, then it maybe is the remote control. Make sure that you do the necessary testing on your garage door opener to know if you have really pinned down the cause.

Another common reason for garage door remote replacement is lost remotes. These can be easily misplaced especially when you leave it in various places like your car or your office desk.

Stolen remote is also an issue. So, make sure you replace your remote right awayto prevent anyone from accessing your garage without your authority.

Remote Replacement

You don’t need to fret when it comes to replacing your garage door remote. It is very similar to replacing your TV remote. Just make sure you get one that is compatible to your system and matches your specific model.

In replacing your garage door remote, find the opener’s model number and manufacturer name. This lets you find the specific remote for the model that you own.
Another method is to purchase a universal remote that will work with most types of system but have to be programmed to work with you own. This is usually the option to go for if your opener model is 20 years or newer.

Types of Remotes

There are different types of remotes that match your garage door opener depending on the programming style.
The first type of remote is for the openers with the learn button. This remote is programmed by pressing the learn button on the garage door opener and the corresponding button on the remote so they sync together.

The second type is the one with DIP switches where specific switches are placed to the ON position. You have to match the sequence of the switches with your new remote. This is usually the programming style of older garage door openers.
A universal garage door remote usually has both the learn button and the DIP switches.

Programming the Remote

Once you found a remote that works for your opener, your next step is to program it. As mentioned above, different openers and remotes have different methods of programming.

Through the Learn Button

If your opener has a learn button, you need to locate this button on your opener and on your remote. Remove the panel cover and find the learn button. This usually comes in different colors depending on the model that you have. To program, press the learn button for 30 seconds until the LED light turns on. Sometimes, the motor will make a sound. Then, press a button that you want to program on your remote within 30 seconds. If programming has been successful, you will see the LED light blink or hear two clicks from the motor. Make sure that you test it afterwards.

If your remote was stolen, you might need to delete all stored codes from your motor’s memory. Just press and hold the learn button until the LED light goes out. This erases all the previous codes. After that, you can start programming new remotes with your opener.

Through DIP Switches

Older garage door openers have DIP switches. To program this type of opener, just set the switches to your preferred sequence. Just make sure that you are not following a common sequence for security purposes.
Once you’ve set it on your opener, just follow the same sequence on your remote. Then, press the button that you want to program. Press it again until the door responds. That means your garage door opener has been programmed properly.

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