6 Best Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door Opener in Good Condition

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photo triathlon.competitor.com

Your garage door opener is there to help make your home life more convenient. When it first came out, it used to be a luxury for most homeowners. In today’s modern life however, it has become a necessity. Not only is it convenient, it also boosts security and safety in the home.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

To ensure that your garage door opener lasts you for years, it is essential to maintain it. This keeps it in good working condition throughout the years and provides you bang for your buck. A garage door opener is usually a big investment and you would want to make it work for a really long time.

With the right maintenance, you can extend the average life of a garage door opener. It also ensures that every part works just like new. It prevents technical problems and saves you that hefty repair cost.

Here are some ways to maintain your garage door opener and keep it in good condition through the years:

Regular Assessment

Visually assessing your garage door opener is essential in maintaining them in good shape. You can scan and go through your whole garage door opener system once a week or during your free day. Just a regular scan on every part will ensure that there aren’t any damages or loosened bolts.

Monthly maintenance is also a must. You have to detach the opener and check if the garage door can be manually lifted and closed. This regular maintenance check is essential to ensure that the opener works and if you need to get it serviced.

Tightening and Lubricating the Hardware

The average garage door moves thousands of times in a year. This means there’s a lot of movement and vibration that can loosen the hardware on your garage door opener.

Like every machine, the door opener also needs to be lubricated to maintain its efficacy. Springs and joints need to be sprayed with a lubricant every six months to keep the parts moving as it should.

Examining the Door Balance

A door that is not properly balanced can damage your garage door opener quickly. You might be replacing your opener sooner than you expected. A door that has been properly fixed usually weighs around 10 pounds. If your door is heavier, it might be out of balance.

Another way to check the balance is to disconnect the garage door opener and manually life the garage door halfway. If it doesn’t stay up, then the springs are not balanced. You can ask a professional repairman to have the spring adjusted.

Test the Safety Features

Modern garage door openers already have sensors as safety features. These help in detecting pets, kids, and other smaller objects that may stand along the path of the garage door. This is a feature that adds a layer of protecting to your kids and pets.

Ensure that the sensor is working properly by testing it with an object. See if it detects the object. You can also clean the sensor with a washcloth. If the sensor does not detect the object, you might need to have it repaired.
Another safety feature to check is the reversal mechanism. When the door hits an object while it closes, the door reverses back. If this mechanism works perfectly, then you wouldn’t have any problems. If it doesn’t, then you might need to phone a technician to sort this out for you.

Change the Batteries

Most of the garage door openers operate through batteries. Although some recent models already have a longer backup time, it is still essential to check if they still have power. If these already provide you with less power, then replace them.

Aside from your opener’s batteries, you might as well change the batteries in your wall control and remote control just to ensure that everything’s in good working order every time you use them.

Check Your Door

Lastly, don’t skip checking the garage door itself. Sometimes, it’s your actual door that will give you headaches. This is especially true if you have a wooden door which is susceptible to water damage and chipping. Steel doors are also prone to rust spots. In maintaining and keeping your garage door opener in its great working condition, don’t leave your garage door behind.

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