Where to Buy Garage Door Opener Gearkits

Garage door openers are must-haves in every modern home. It makes everyday life convenient by being able to control your garage door without having to manually lift it. This is a time-saver and an extra layer of security to one’s home.

Although garage door openers are made to be durable, there will be times when you need to fix your garage and replace certain parts so it will still operate smoothly. One of the usual parts that get broken a lot is the gear kit. You’ll notice this issue when your motor sounds like it is running but the garage door is not moving. Just inspect the motor and you’ll see if the gear kit is worn out.

Tips in Purchasing Gear Kits

When buying replacement gear kits, you need to identify the type of garage door opener that you have and your specific model. The chain-drive opener has a different gear kit compared to the screw-drive openers. This should be your consideration. In addition to that, certain brands from the same factory usually have similar gear kits. This makes it easier to find garage door opener parts for your needs.

Make sure that you note your opener’s specific model number and brand when you make a purchase. There are gear kits that are model-specific so you need to look into the information first. Other replacement gear kits are also labeled by the year. Ensure that you inquire or ask assistance before you finalize your purchase.

Where to Purchase Gear Kits

There are many different options when buying gear kits. Traditionally, you can purchase replacement parts from the brick-and-mortar retailers. However, with the internet becoming commonplace, you can already purchase gear kits from different online stores.

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Manufacturer dealers.If you want to be specific with the gear kit that you’re going to buy, then your best bet would be going to the manufacturer dealers in your area. Depending on the brand of garage door opener that you have, you can find a local dealer near you. This ensures that you get a gear kit that matches with your specific garage door opener and you can get the assistance that you need if you have additional questions.

Home improvement stores. This is another common option for many homeowners. There definitely are home improvement stores in most locations. Stores like Home Depot, True Value, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and others have a selection of garage door gear kits and other replacement parts that you may need. Just visit your nearest home improvement store. You can also check out their online stores and look into the availability of the gear kit that you need.

A Click Away Remotes. This is a one-stop online shop for all of your garage door opener needs. This store keeps a wide selection of garage door opener units and replacement parts for different brands. The store has compatibility charts to help you in making a purchase. They also offer a money-back guarantee with the best customer service online.

eBay. If you prefer checking gear kits from different sellers, then you can check out eBay. There are a ton of selection on eBay. However, you might need to scour through the listings in order to find one that suits your needs. Make sure that you know the kind of gear kit that you need. You can also contact the seller before making a purchase. Just ensure that you are able to have the item returned in case you get the wrong one.

Amazon. Amazon also works like eBay wherein there are different sellers offering similar items. Check out the specific gear kit that you need and ensure the compatibility. Look into the refund and the return terms as well before you make a purchase.

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