Be Well-Informed About Garage Door Opener Door Gear Kits


Garage door openers are investments that many homeowners today make in exchange for a more convenient home life. Gone are the days when you have to manually lift your garage door so you can park your car inside your garage. Openers are not luxuries anymore. These are already necessities in this modern age.

Although garage doors are bigger expenses in the home, this device is also prone to wear and tear through daily use and as the years go by. Damage usually occurs to the moving parts in the garage door opener. The gear is among those that gets broken after a few years of heavy use.

If you find yourself with a garage door opener that has broken gears, you need to replace them with new ones for a smoother operation.

Check the Compatibility

If you are already sure that the problem is from a worn or frayed gear, then you need to purchase gear kits to replace your broken gears. It is essential to check the compatibility of the gear kit that you are purchasing. Start off by looking for a kit from your garage door opener manufacturer. This usually works on all openers from that certain manufacturer, like LiftMaster, Genie, Chamberlain, and others. Check the model number of your garage door opener and its make year. If you are still unsure of the compatibility, consult your local retailer or supplier for more information.

What Is in the Kit

A usual kit would have gears, washers, grease, plastic worm wheel, and other necessary hardware for the repair. Certain kits are made for openers from specific years. So, make sure that you are purchasing the right gear kit for your garage door opener.

garage gears

There are different kits depending on your specific need. You can get a gear and sprocket kit assembly, a belt drive gear and drive pulley set, and a chain drive dual gear and sprocket assembly among many others. Certain kits are tailored for specific models and drive systems. So, make sure that you know the model of your opener and ask assistance from the seller.

If you need certain parts only, you can actually purchase specific gears that you need. Some manufacturers and stores also sell gear kits for their respective garage openers. You can get a specific drive gear for your Genie opener and a screw-drive sprocket coupler for your LiftMaster garage opener.

Replacing Worn Garage Door Opener Gears

Since shredded gears are common issues for garage door openers. The door opener might sound like it’s operating, but the door is not moving. Then, you might need to check if the gears have been worn-out. If you find out that they are indeed in a bad shape, you might need to troubleshoot. Repairing worn gears is not rocket science. Once you already have the right gear kit, it can be easy for you to fix it.

Start by gathering your tools. You need nut drivers, wrench, hammer, screwdriver, a punch, and your gear kit.

Then, loosen the circuit board found inside the opener. Remove the screws on the board. Just let it dangle so you have more room to work with. If you have a chain-drive opener, loosen the chain. For belt-drive openers, loosen the belt.

Remove the screws that are holding the gear assembly. Lift the assembly out of the opener and remove the helical gear held in place by a pin. Just tap it with a hammer to remove the pin and the gear. If it doesn’t budge, spray a lubricant to loosen it up. Then loosen the set screws to slide off the gear and washers.

Attach the new gears to the shaft, and reassemble the parts. Replace the helical gear assembly with a new one and add a thin layer of grease. Then return everything. Tighten the belt or the chain and return everything on its original placement.

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