Garage Door Maintenance DIY Quick Tips

More often than not, we use our garage to do some do-it-yourself projects aside from parking our cars. It’s like other parts of the house that play an important role in your day-to-day living. However, one of the most overlooked requirements in having a home garage is proper maintenance. Regular cleaning should be done to keep doors in good condition.

Now, you probably want to know how to tune up your garage door. This short guide will give you some helpful tips on the DIY maintenance basics.

How to Tune Up Your Garage Door

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Before anything else, make sure to unplug the door opener in your garage. Wear gloves to safely handle torsion springs and lift cables. If there are mechanical parts that should be replaced, you can check your warranty coverage. For seriously damaged components, it’s good to contact a local technician to help you.

Now for the DIY tips in tuning up garage doors, check out the following steps:

1. Inspect the mechanism. To properly tune up your garage door, it’s important to check the brackets, rollers, and tracks. Avoid touching any parts with warning labels or red coating. In case there are defective cables or torsion spring, you must call your technician.

2. Secure any loose moving parts. Look for loose nuts and bolts and tighten them up using a screw driver. Over time, the hardware of your garage door may alter, especially when they are used frequently.

3. Check the roller tracks. To see if your rollers already need cleaning or replacement, check the tracks for potential problems. Remove any dirt buildup on the tracks using a brake cleaner solution. Broken or bent rollers must be replaced to avoid accidents. Bottom roller should also be checked if it’s securely attached with the support cable.

4. Examine the lift cable if there are broken strands. Fraying is one of the most common problems of garage door lift cables because they are usually under too much pressure. Check the cable to see signs of breaking. If the lift cable is broken, contact your technician.

Garage Door Maintenance Essentials

Performing your garage door maintenance needs involves some essential household items for best results. Below are the things you will need to maintain a smooth and durable garage door:

  • Broom for checking the sensors as well as photo eyes.
  • 2×4 inches plank for checking the reverse mechanical parts.
  • Motor oil for lubricating the opener and other moving components.
  • Brake cleaner for removing dirt buildup on the tracks.
  • Paper towel and window cleaner for any cleanup needs.
  • Stepladder to reach high parts.

How to Test Safety Sensors of a Garage Door

First, you need to locate the photo eyes or safety sensors of your garage door. They are usually found on the sides of your door, close to the flooring, in order to prevent the door from closing once the photo eyes sense movement near it. It’s important to check your safety sensors twice every year to ensure they are operating properly.

Now, if you want to test your sensors if they are still working efficiently, open the door completely. Close the door opener, then wave your broom at the sensors while it’s closing. Your garage door must reverse back once it sees the broom.

To clean the photo eyes, examine the lens to see if there are dirt buildup on the sensors. Use a cleaning cloth to remove any debris from the lens. If necessary, you can spray a cleaning solution on the cloth or paper towel to eliminate dirt and other tough residues from the safety sensors.

Performing a Balance Test on Your Garage Door

While doing your maintenance project, it’s also important to perform a balance test on your garage door. Start by closing the door, then pull the release cord for red emergency. The cord must hang down from your door to release the sprocket and freely operate the garage door.

Lift the garage door up to your waist so that it slowly releases. Make sure there’s enough space for you to move out just in case the door suddenly falls down. Your door must open without too much effort. When you release it, the door must close slowly. A sign that your door requires cleaning is when it doesn’t open or close smoothly.

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Maintaining your garage door is just one way to extend its service. However, if your home warranty still covers replacement and repair, you can save money and time from buying a new garage door. It’s important to keep all components clean and well-maintained including the hinges, push arm, carriage, motor, and security sensors.

Performing visual inspection twice every year can help ensure that your garage doors and its mechanical parts are in good condition. Tuning up is one of the most common maintenance solutions for garage doors. So, when was the last time you cleaned up your garage door?

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