5 Questions and Solutions About Garage Door Flashes

1. Why my garage door flashes light and doesn’t close?

Two safety features are installed in the garage door opener that prevents the door from closing and makes the lights to flash.

The Lock Button on the Door Control

The door control’s lock button may be activated. Press the button to turn off this feature. You will notice that the light bulb will flash twice. This feature is designed to inform the user whether the lock button is activated or not. When the lock button is activated, the garage door will only be manipulated from the door control, not from the remote.

The Safety Reversing Sensors

If the safety reversing sensors are misaligned or obstructed, the lights may flash and the door may not close. This is the most common reason for that. This is also a safety feature of the garage door opener. If the sensor is properly connected and aligned, obstacles will be detected from its electronic beams. While the door is closing and an obstacle is detected the door will stop closing and reverse to full open then the light will flash 10 times. A self-diagnostic feature is installed in the garage door opener to help the user identify the issues it could encounter.

2. Why my garage door opener Continuous Blinking Green Light on Wall?

Before calling the repair company and do some unnecessary spending, check the alignment of floor sensors by the garage doors as this is a factor that would make the green light to blink. You may also check whether or not the lock button is activated. If it is, press it once and you will immediately notice that the light of the opener will stop blinking. After doing that, check and see if this unlocks the wireless device inside your vehicle.

3. Why is the LED Light on the door control blinking and my remote is not working?

Your light on your door control may be flashing and your garage door remote control is not working because your garage door opener and its accessories may be different and did not match. Some garage door opener include a door opener with a lock feature, the lock feature is accessible by a button on the door control or from a menu. The LED on the door control will flash when the lock feature is already turned on. The purpose of the lock feature on the garage door opener is to prevent the remote control from opening and closing the garage door while still allows the door control from opening and closing the garage door. When your house is empty or whether you are away on vacation, this feature gives you an added peace of mind. To turn off the lock feature, just press the lock button. Then try to use your remote to check if the lock feature has been deactivated.

4. Why is my garage door control flashing on and off?

Your garage door control is flashing because it is a safety feature that enables you to diagnose the problem by identifying the number of times the light flashes. You can correct the problem easily.

Every garage door opener has unique blinking pattern that allows you to identify the problem and address it. It could indicate either it is in ‘lock mode’ or when the garage door openers internal system has traveled through a “pass point”. The pass point system is used so that it would be easy for you to identify that the garage door is moving too slow or fast and to detect relative garage door position. When the garage door opener would pass through a pass point, the LED would blink as an indicator and this feature cannot be turned off. The numbers of pass-points are also determined during the garage door openers cycle.

5. Why is my garage door opener console light blinking and does not move?

There are many factors on why the garage door control may be flashing; the safety sensors on either side of the garage door near the floor could be blocked from the view of each other or their alignment is a bit off or one of its wires is damaged. It has to receive the right signal or else it would not allow the door to close because something or someone might be on the way.

During an emergency, the door could still be closed if you hold down the button on the wall switch until the door is fully closed. This over-ride feature would only work on the wall control. The reason behind that is that it is the only control that assures that the operator has a full view of the door and has the capability to confirm if is safe to close.

The opener might have a lock feature when your remote has stopped working and the light on the wall control panel is on.

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