The Garage Door Controller

The garage door controller is a nifty device that allows the homeowner to open and close the garage door through a remote control or wall-mounted button. Instead of having to manually lift to open or pull to close the door, it’s now made easier through the garage door controller.

This device has been around for decades. Since it was invented, it has been a staple in homes. Just having one or two around makes every-day driving quite easy and convenient.

As technology evolves, so does the little devices that we have at home. Today, the garage door controller is no longer just a simple tool for closing and opening the garage door. It has become smarter and more advanced. Garage door controllers are already integrated with smartphone controls.

Smart controllers

Smart garage door controllers are becoming a staple in most homes. Although the standard garage door controller is still available and widely used, most techie homeowners prefer the smart ones. Having one is more convenient, especially when smartphones and smart home appliances are becoming more common than ever.

These controllers are just like the typical remote-controlled garage door controller except that you can operate them through your phone anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can also control other home devices with your smart garage door controller. Others already allow you to connect to your home’s lighting and even the AC. This will depend on the kind of devices that you have at home for compatibility.

Aside from mobile control, smart garage door controllers will give you real-time updates about the status of your garage door. You will get notifications that your door is open. You can also monitor your garage door and your home through video streaming if you have installed security cameras and connected it to your smart garage controller.

In some garage door kits, these smart features are part of the standard packages. In most, you may have to purchase the extra features. You may need to check your garage door opener’s manual to find a smart controller that’s compatible it. You can find a universal smart controller or one that is of similar make to your garage door opener.

The best smart garage door controllers

There are different smart garage door controllers that are out in the market today. These controllers vary depending on their feature and how you’re going to use them. It is important to find one that fits your needs and the kind of lifestyle that you and your family has. It should work for your home and fill in the needs when it comes to convenience and security.

Here are three of the best garage door controllers:

Liftmaster 821LM Universal Smartphone Controller – This is a universal smart garage door controller that lets you control almost any type of garage door opener through your computer or smartphone device. You can get real-time alerts if you left the garage door open. You can also operate your garage door through your device even if you’re far from home. This model comes with the 821LM MyQ technology that enables you to control and monitor your garage door and home lighting from your device. Alerts can be sent through email or real-time notifications on your phone. It can control two garage doors and 16 other MyQ-compatible devices. Its Wi-Fi hub is mounted near the garage door opener and is plugged into a wall outlet. The hub uses your home’s Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate with the opener and your lights for seamless control.

Linear AP-5 Multipurpose Wireless Access Controller – This smart controller is designed for a wide range of applications. It can control maglocks, barrier gates, two-door strikes, door operators, and even automatic gates. Its size and design will fit different requirements for access points. What’s unique about this model is that it has a superheterodyne receiver that picks up signals even from 500 feet away. An extra antenna can be purchased to add an even wider range. It can program and control 480 Linear transmitters, 238 entry codes, and six Model MGT transmitters. This controller is ideal for gated communities, industrial sites, or parking facilities. It is easy to setup and easy to add transmitters for control.

Linear Iris Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Controller – This model allows you to monitor, open, and close a sectional garage door through your computer, tablet, or smartphone anywhere in the world. This also lets you set an automatic door closing schedule through the app. You can also use it for multiple garage doors. It works with most of the popular garage door openers that are connected to a sectional garage door. The Iris Z-Wave is a small device that connects to your garage door opener and also connects to your home’s Wi-Fi. Its companion application provides you with total control over your garage door and to other devices that have the Z-Wave protocol. It can be easily installed and is UL325 compliant for safe operation.

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