6 Garage Christmas 2016 Party Ideas

A garage party is not a new idea anymore. This can be a fun alternative to the usual parties done in the dining area or living room with family and friends. If you’re planning to have a bigger event and your dining space cannot accommodate all your guests, you might want to convert your garage into a great space.

A garage that can accommodate two or three cars is already enough to sit around 20 to 30 guests. This can be a good place to gather every member of your family to celebrate Christmas. If you’re also inviting a ton friends over, then the garage is the perfect spot to go crazy in.

Here are some ideas for your upcoming Christmas party:

1. Use curtains. We all know that the garage is a messy place where tools, gardening equipment, and sporting goods are stored away. Since you are keeping the cars outside for the party, you will have more space for tables and chairs. No matter how much you clean and organize your garage, there might be some things you want to hide from your guests’ eyes, like sports equipment and tools. To do so, use curtains to cover your cabinets and your tools. You can use curtains that match your theme or stick to neutrals. It’s best to cover from ceiling to floor to add a posh look. You can also add curtains to your garage doors and tie them for an open-air feel. This makes your party more put together while hiding the items you don’t want people to see.

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2. Hang or put balloons. If you have high ceiling, then you can definitely play around with your decorations for your party. An easy way to spice up and add fun to your party is to put balloons. You can blow them yourself and hang them from the ceiling to create a fun atmosphere or tie nice ribbons on flying balloons and let them stay up in the ceiling for the entire event. This also makes your Christmas party more festive. Go for red and green balloons with silver ribbons.

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3. Get a long table. Nothing is fancier while making everyone look more together than a single long table. Just having one table for every guest to sit in makes encourages everyone to share stories and be more singular.

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4. Create a winter sports theme. Make your Christmas party different than the usual. Since you’re in a bigger space, that means you can do more things and experiment more. Instead of the usual white Christmas theme, go sporty. This might be applicable if you’re inviting friends or you have a sporty family. You can display winter sports equipment at one place and decorate with winter sports in mind.

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5. Set up lawn games. If you don’t experience snow during Christmas, then it might be fun to have lawn games for your party. This can be a great idea for kids and for friends. Lawn games are great to welcome your guests and to entertain them while waiting for everyone to be complete. If you’re doing winter sports as theme, then you can use that as inspiration for your games. You can do jumbo Jenga, jumbo scrabble or Croquet. There are a ton of options depending on the space that you have.

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6. Christmas is not complete without some drinks. Have a simple yet very Christmas bar by putting a sled on top of a table and turn it to a bar. Just put drinks there for a self-service bar. You can come up with your own punch where guests can just get from or have spirits, and juices ready for people to play around with.

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