The Garage Accessories You Need to Know

Garage AccessoriesMost, if not all, of the modern homes today are already equipped with garage door openers. These nifty devices make home life convenient and easy. One no longer needs to manually open and close garage doors when leaving or coming home.

Aside from being familiar with how the garage door opener works, it is also necessary to know the accessories that go along with it. You may need these accessories sooner or later for maintenance purposes or when you need to fix your garage door opener.

This is a list of general items that you may need for your garage door opener. Replacement parts are also included.

• Universal key switch.

Having a universal key switch is a great addition to your home. You will never be locked out of your house again, especially if you are forgetful. Just carry around your key along with your other home keys. If you frequently find yourself in this situation, then you might need t invest in a universal key switch. The universal key switch can be used for both the garage door and the gate operator. Key switches are easy to install and activates your door and gate using the key. The key switch kit usually includes the key switch, weather-proof mount plate, and the keys.

• Universal wired keypad.

The keypad is usually one of the first things that gets broken. This no longer connects to the garage door opener and you might find it difficult to open and close your door. A universal wired keypad works on all types of garage door openers from various manufacturers. It can be programmed and installed easily. Most wired keypads come with a protective cover to weather-proof the keypad.

• Key release lock.

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Another garage door opener accessory that will help you in time of trouble and forgetfulness is the key release lock. This lock switch works with garage doors to open it during emergency situations. The switch releases the trolley cable which lets you slide the garage door if you’re locked out. This allows you to use your garage door manually so you won’t get locked out of your garage again. This is easy to install and usually includes cable, weather proof mounting plate, and key switch.

• Batteries.

Keeping an extra pack of fresh batteries at home is common sense. However, many homeowners forget about this. Since the keypad and the remotes are powered by batteries, it is essential to keep a pack in your garage in case you may need one. Make sure you check the kind of batteries your remote or keypad requires. It might be a GP23, CR2032, or a 9-volt battery. Check your manual for more information.

• Low-temperature grease.

Although not technically an accessory, low-temperature grease is a necessity for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. This kind of grease is commonly used screw drive garage door openers. It also works for lubricating the other moving parts of your garage door opener or gate operator. Low-temperature grease can work even down to a -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Cleaning lubricant spray.

As the name suggests, lubricant sprays are good for the moving parts of your garage door and opener. This is a must-have as it cleans and protects all the moving parts. Cleaning lubricants should be free from kerosene, additives, and mineral spirits.

• Garage door opener controller.

A controller is a good upgrade to any home. It give you full control of your home whenever and wherever through your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Some controllers are made to be universal and works with most openers. Installing this accessory gives you the peace of mind that your garage is always closed even when you’re away from home. You get notified once there is movement of your garage door so you have an idea what’s going on.

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