Every Homeowner Should Know About Garage Door Openers

photo connectsense.com
photo connectsense.com

Believe it or not, the electric garage door opener has been around since 1926. It was invented by CG Johnson of Hartford City, Indiana. He created this brilliant invention when he finally got tired and thought of doing something about the cold and exhausting winter days, where he has to open and close the garage door every time he needs to park or drive out his Ford Model T Speedster.

It became very popular when the Era Motor Company of Chicago started manufacturing commercially the electric garage door openers after World War II. The design was simple then, an overhead garage door that can be opened with a button located at the end of the driveway or a switch placed inside the garage.

These very first versions of the garage door opener works through counter balance springs attached to the door and are under tension to lift the garage door with steel counterbalance cables. It only controls how far the door opens and closes and how much force the garage door uses and it was more used to keep the door secure instead of a lock.

The parts then consist only of a power unit with an electric motor attached to a track. Then a trolley is connected to an arm that is attached to the top of the garage door that goes back and forth on the track as it opens and closes the garage door while the trolley is being pulled by a chain, a screw or a belt when the motor is turned on.

Over the years and as technology evolved so did the garage door opener, now there are lots of brands that manufacture these amazing invention. The most popular are the Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Access Master, Genie, Craftsman, Alliance, Allstar and Sommer.

With these new manufacturers of our ever reliable garage door opener, its quality and performance has greatly improved since its emancipation nine decades ago. Now, the new models have also improved its safety measures and reduced the noise it makes during operation. Back in the days, the room near or above the garage door used to be a no-sleep zone because of all the noise it creates when being opened and closed, but now there are models that operates smoothly and quietly.

It also has improved its safety features where there are built in sensors, like in closing it if senses an object underneath the door it automatically reverses and opens up. It also now comes with high tech security feature where the installed keypads can be accessed with the use of a fingerprint, discouraging burglars to breach your garage door.

Another great development would be the use of smartphones in accessing your garage door openers. Where you download an app that is compatible with your garage door opener that can control your opener like your remote control and could even monitor your garage door even if you’re away, like it sends out a notification if you forgot to close it and then you can close it remotely with the use of the app.

The future of garage door openers is very promising, we can only sit back, wait and be amazed of what’s to come to make this trusty technology become more than what it is today.

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