Top 3 Eagle Access Control Systems

The Eagle Fire Box enables you to have direct access control systems to the fire department through your automated gate. We will present to you three of these access control systems that are high-quality and durable. The materials used for the boxes are stainless steel finish painted red.

Eagle access control systems

Eagle M2000 Fire Box

Here is one of the innovative firebox models with a micro-switch for opening the gate. It comes with the hole to let the Fire Department staff get access to the standard padlock in case of emergencies. If some problems occur with the microswitch, the box always has ample room to place the gate release keys. With its 14 gauge steel, its quality is excellent and dependable.

This firebox also has a blank label where you can put instructions where department staff can read in times of emergency. Its full dimension sizes are 6″ inches height, 5 ½” weight, and 3″ diameter. The size is big enough for safety purposes considering its complete built-in features.

Eagle M2010 Fire Box

If you are looking for another type of firebox, this Eagle M2010 Fire Box has a different design than the first one. This box comes with Knox Key Switch through the ace cylinder lock. Its color is powdered bright red with the label Fire Dept. in front. Also, you can depend on its durability since its materials come from 14 gauge steel.

You can place a backup microswitch through the space inside the box. One of its main features is that it accepts the Knox KS-2 key switch. Moreover, it has an emergency gate access method that you can find inside. Its complete features allow you to stay safe in case unexpected things happen.

Eagle M2070 Fire Department Lock Box with Chain Release

When you prefer a firebox or lockbox with the chain release, this could be ideal for you. This item is more advanced with added features.

Also, its 14 gauge steel box is durable enough for a fire department emergency box. The color is powder-coated bright red. Furthermore, it has a pull chain enabling it to release the gate when in times of emergency.

Like other fireboxes, it comes with space inside to serve as the place for micro switch backup, which is the gate release keys. Also, it has a section for written instructions inside the door.

All-in-all, these three eagle access control systems help you to keep safe during day and night.

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