Dorene Gate Hardware

Dorene gate hardwareThe quality of one’s gate is of importance to many homeowners. There are many brands and manufacturers out there than you can choose from. Among the top names in the industry is Dorene.

Dorene manufactures a variety of gate openers, entry stations, and gate hardware. They also carry replacement parts for roller guides and gate openers. The brand is known for its high-quality products and only uses ultrahigh molecular weight (UHMW) plastic. This is a durable plastic that is at least five times more wear resistant than steel.

If you are in the market for a gate or are looking for hardware parts, here’s the Dorene gate hardware guide to help you.

  • Safety idlers. This is used to guide chain on gate openers and prevent injury. Dorene has the 90 degrees and 180 degrees safety chain guide idler that are both easy to install and has quiet operation. These idlers come with thick back mounting plate and bronze iolite brushing. Dorene also manufactures idlers with special configurations, such as for wider frames and others.


  • Gate receiver. These no-lift gate receivers and gate receivers are made from thick structural steel to make it more durable. It also comes with the Dorene signature UHMW plastic pads. The Dorene gate receivers gives quiet and long lasting use.


  • Swing gate hinges. The Dorene adjustable swing gate hinges are for heavy duty use. These are adjustable and can be installed easily. It has a quiet and smooth operation for a heavy duty hinge that can carry up to 3,000 pounds of metal.


  • Gooseneck. The gooseneck pedestal is available in subsurface and surface mounts. The subsurface gooseneck pedestal has a universal mounting plate that can fit different access control boxes. It also has heavy-walled steel tube for durability. If you need to install electrical wiring, it has an NPT hole for it. The gooseneck for surface mount also has a universal mounting plate and can fit in various access control boxes. Unlike the former, it has a steel base plate and a steel bolt cover. If you need a hardware for truck access, Dorene also produces double goosenecks that are larger than the regular ones.


  • Solenoid gate locks. These locks are constructed with heavy steel and has a solenoid activated release. It comes in 115-volt and fail-secure operation. These can keep gates locked in case the power is lost. However, it can be released in case of emergency.


  • Reflectors. This is a safety device that both homeowners and business owners should not skip having. Dorene carries single reflectors that are good for 15’ gates and triple reflectors for 30’ gates. These can be bolted or wielded in place and has sturdy shields. The photo cells in the reflectors act as secondary safety device.


  • Gate wheels. The wheels that are from Dorene are manufactured in Anaheim, California. These are made with UHMW plastic that’s wear-resistant and durable. Their gate wheels has the highest standard in accuracy and precision. Dorene carries various gate wheels. They have the economy wheels, deluxe wheels, tandem wheel system, cantilever wheel, heavy-duty steel wheel, and the UHMW pipe wheel.


  • Roller guide. Dorene has various roller guides available. It has the single roller guide, double roller guide, and triple-sided roller guide. All of these roller guides are easy to install and come in different sizes. What makes Dorene roller guides different is that these do not need maintenance. There are also roller guides with special configurations, depending on your gate needs.


  • Warning placard. A warning placard is self-explanatory. This is a safety precautionary measure, especially if you have a busy gate. This also works if this is used at home. Just having one ensures that you’ve taken a step in informing people of the possibilities in case they do not take care.

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