What are the DoorKing Access Control Systems and Its Products?

There is a huge market for home devices, especially for garage and gate operators and accessories. There are different manufacturers and devices for this specific industry. This is just considering the American market and excluding the vast international market. Among the many American brands in the industry is DoorKing, Inc. The company offers a sophisticated level of security in its products.

DoorKing Inc. A Click Away RemotesIts Company Profile

DoorKing, Inc. is also known as DKS. It is one of the leading manufacturers of gate operators, access control systems, parking controls, and telephone entry systems and was established in 1948.

DKS is the first company to use electronic magnetic limits and microprocessors on their gate and parking control systems. It has become a leader in the industry by providing customers with innovative products and maintaining the best customer service.
The company is based in Inglewood, California and operates from its original seven buildings. These buildings include their corporate headquarters, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, warehousing, shipping and receiving facilities, and training. Aside from that, DKS also maintains 10 offices outside of US.

DoorKing Products

DoorKing takes pride in offering not just products, but solutions. Each device is complete with quality design, product training, and technical support. It covers a wide variety of products. Whether you are looking into access control systems for your home, business, or for regulating pedestrian traffic, there is a DoorKing product for you.

Gate operators from DKS are also considered to be the safest vehicular gate operators in the market. These have the fail-safe entrapment prevention system even before this feature became a standard for every gate operator.

Their keypads are vandal-resistant and feature stainless steel faceplates and fully-encrypted RF transmitters. These features provide you with utmost security and safety.

Here are the product from DoorKing that you can choose from:

Telephone entry systems. These devices utilize a telephone unit to allow visitors to talk to the person tasked in providing entry into your building or facility. The telephone box can be installed near the gate for pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

• Gate operators. This device is used to open and close both residential and commercial gates found at the end of the driveway. DoorKing offers variety of products and accessories. You should know your personal preference, the type of gate that you have, and security system installed in your property.

• Access controls. DKS is the one-stop shop for your access control needs. They have everything from complex access controls to simple devices. This also includes a complete line of access devices, such as card readers, keypads, electric and magnetic locks, and RF controls. These systems can be connected to have telephone or intercom capabilities.

• Parking controls. For establishments and locations with high vehicular traffic, parking controls are usually important. Whether you need barrier gate operators, power backup systems, or traffic control spikes, DoorKing provides complete solutions to your parking needs.

• Other maximum security systems. For high-level security needs, DKS does not fail. Their maximum security products are best for ports, bases, infrastructure, government buildings, or any type of application.

The DoorKing Seal of Safety

Although the brand is associated with other retailers and websites, DKS wants buyers to consider purchasing its products with attractive prices. There are certain factors that you should keep in mind.

First, DoorKing does not provide warranty support to items bought from unaffiliated retailers. Improperly installed devices will not be covered by DKS. Proper installation will be provided by the retailer or by DKS to ensure that the potential hazards that come with devices incorrectly installed are prevented.

Automated vehicular gate operators, especially, require two forms of entrapment protection. When these two aren’t installed properly, this will result in an unsafe gate system that will affect its function.
Because of these reasons, DKS market its products to professional and licensed companies. This ensures buyers of high level safety and customer support.

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