DIY: How to Open Your Garage Door When the Power Goes Out [Infograhpic]

You left the house feeling this is going to be a great day, only to find out that you’ve been locked out with a power outage. The scenario: you can’t open your automatic garage door. This is a nightmare!

These garage doors are quite convenient especially on bad weather. You wouldn’t want to go back on using a manual garage door once you’ve experienced opening your door with just a simple click of a button. However, power outage can leave your automatic garage door worthless. You don’t want to stay out in the cold because your garage door is not working.

No need to fret. Opening your garage door can be easy. To open your garage door even when the power is out, just follow these easy steps:

• Trip the trigger.
• Lift the door.
• Stay manual.
• Lock up.

Just remember that once the power returns, your garage door needs to return to normal operations. Just reengage the trolley attachment by pulling down the red cord towards the door. This reattaches the locking mechanism back in place. Open the door afterwards to latch back the mechanism.

Check out this infographic to learn more on how to open your garage door even with a power outage.

Opening Your Garage Door When the Power is Out

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Getting Your Hands Dirty with Opening Your Garage Door Manually

Being prepared for the worst case scenario is a must. You never know what can happen, especially if your neighborhood is hit with a bad storm. Coming home to a stuck garage door because of power outage can be a bad experience. Thus, you need to be quick and plan ahead for this type of situation.

Most, if not all, of the electronic and automatic garage doors in the market today already have an emergency feature that allows you to trip the trigger in order to use the door manually.

Trip the Trigger

This bypass switch for emergency situations, such as when the motor does not work, the remote dies or when the power goes out. Look for the rope or red cord. It is usually located at the center rail of the garage door opener. This is the manual release handle that disengages the trolley from its attachment point.

When you pull this rope, the garage door is set to manual mode. You can feel the garage door disengage. However, always activate this mode when the door is closed. An open garage door will crash down once the rope is released.

Lift the Door

Once the door has been set manually, you can now lift the door. If springs are balanced then it should stay in place once lifted. To be sure, don’t go under the door without anyone keeping it open. The garage door might suddenly crash down without any warning. Keep your kids and your pets away from the garage door. You also need to pull down the door manually to close it.

If you find that the springs are not balanced, have it checked by a professional. Balanced springs are essential to keep your garage door working.

Stay manual

If the power outage will last for a long time, then you need to keep your garage door on manual mode for longer. Pull the rope down towards the motor so it stays in place and does not get caught in the tracks.

Lock up
If you need to leave the house after turning your garage door manual, lock it up. The door is no longer secure once it is on manual mode. You can slide the lock bar on the side of the door to secure it.

After the power has been restored, reengage the trolley attachment. However, make sure that the door is unlocked. Pull down the red cord again but towards the door opening to prevent the lever from engaging. Roll up the door until it snaps into place. The garage door is now back to automatic mode.

Another way to reconnect the garage door is to press the remote opener to force the attachment to return in place.

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