DIY: 8 Garage Upgrades

Photo: Gladiator GarageWorks
Photo: Gladiator GarageWorks

We often think of the garage as a place to park our cars, a cluttered place with all the unwanted stuff, storage for tools and appliances that are no longer working and other things unusable. More like a big trash bin where you can just toss anything. Most of the time, it’s a part of the house that is often neglected and taken for granted.

What most of us didn’t know is that the garage could be so much more if we would just take the time to assess what else it could offer, other than just an extra space for all the stuff we want to take out from the main house. With a little creativity and the drive to clean, you can make it more than just what it is and could actually make your garage create a great impact on the house’s curb appeal.

To help you get started with your garage makeover and start enjoying your time at home with a beautiful and clutter-free garage, we have listed 10 of the best do-it-yourself garage upgrades. All these are easy and designed to maximize its potential.

1. Transform it with a new paint job – if your garage entry looks like it’s been through war, fading or flaking old paint job, something that has totally lost its appeal then it definitely needs to be transformed. A new paintjob will breathe new life to your old and ugly looking garage door. If it’s your first time to DIY, don’t fret, it’s not like you’re going to do a surgery. First thing to do is strip the old paint with scrapers or sandpaper. This is something your kids can help you with; just don’t forget to put on protective gears like gloves, masks and goggles. If you want to remove paint faster, you may also use a grinder or chemical paint removers. Once done, clean the garage door with large cellulose sponge and solution of water with dishwashing liquid to remove all dust. Wait till dry before you paint the primer. When the primer is dry, that’s the time you paint it with the color of your choice.

2. The faux wood finish – if the usual paintjob is not your thing, maybe the classy faux wood finish would be interesting for you to do. Again, strip the old paintjob and clean it with sponge and soapy water. Clean it really well, especially for those gnarly-dirty garage doors. Next, let everything dry before you start painting for better results. Technically, you will be staining and not painting, but your garage door does not have to be made of wood, gel-stains work even on aluminum doors. Be ready with at least 2 brushes to be used for each coat. You may need to coat the door more than the usual 2 coats if you wish for a darker grained wood effect. Remember to let it dry before you start with the next coat.

3. Storage and Organization – aside from the aesthetic upgrades, you may also level-up its purpose. Creating a well-organized storage area for all your tools, kids’ toys, mom’s hobbies supplies, sports equipment and other off season belongings would make life easier and would give you peace of mind. No more running around looking for stuff or going through piles and piles of things that could even cause injuries and invite pests to hibernate and multiply. You may create a wall rack that would hold mops, brooms, fishing gears and hang baskets for toys, shoes, ski gears and other cleaning supplies.

On the other side of the garage wall, you may also put up adjustable shelves with clear storage boxes for your gardening tools or for your hobby supplies.

4. Turn it into a music studio – for the Mozart or the Dave Grohl in you, create a music studio right in your garage. You may start by sound-proofing it to avoid disturbing the neighbors. Add a place to hang your records, speakers or your guitar. You may also add a couch for longer jam sessions with friends or even with your kids.

5. Make it into an extra living space – if you think your house is too cramped to invite friends over, the garage could just be the answer to your barbecue parties and luau nights with friends. Make sure the design of this extra space will fit the style of the house. Turning your garage into an extra living space could be done by yourself. You can start with cleaning and clearing out all the junk and start decorating it with old furniture. A new paintjob would also make it look fresh and inviting.

image via Garage Conversions Pinterest
image via Garage Conversions Pinterest

6. A fun and game room – for those days when the family are at home after a tiring week at work and school, turning your garage into a fun and game room could help the family bond and take a break from stress. On the free part of the garage, you may put a pool table, foosball, air hockey or a table tennis. You may also hang dart boards on the wall and add a sofa to sit and chill while waiting for your turn to play the game.

7. Personal watering hole – you’ll be the star in the neighborhood and among friends once you transform your garage into a bar where you can hang out and enjoy your favorite drinks. Create shelves to hold your wines and glasses; bring in a mini fridge to place the beers and ice. You may install a countertop and bar stools to complete the look.

8. Guestroom – turning your garage into a guestroom will not only create a space for guests but it would also generate extra income if you rent it out. All you have to do is take one weekend to clean it out, remove everything not needed by storing it in your attic or basement or even throw it in the trash. Update the look by repainting, and then add a comfortable bed and some cabinets for the renter’s stuff. You can really earn good money with this garage upgrade idea.

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