Crusader Garage Door Remotes Setup and Installation Guide

crusader garage openerThe automatic garage door openers are more of a necessity now than a luxury. Every type of home requires an automatic opener to make everyday life easier and more convenient, especially with the fast-paced modern lifestyle. One cannot go without a garage door opener. Lifting the garage door manually takes time and a lot of effort. It can be a hassle when it’s pouring rain outside and you have to go down the car just to close and lock up the garage.

Because it has become a necessity, there are already different manufacturers of garage doors openers. This includes remotes and the other accessories needed for automatic openers. Homeowners have a ton of options when it comes to garage door openers. There a different choices when it comes to the kind of garage door openers that you will get and what kind of features you’re getting.

Crusader is one of the many brands of garage door openers in the market today. Crusader openers and remotes are made under Heddolf, which is a part the Overhead Door Corp.

Crusader Remotes

The garage door opener remotes from Crusader are dip switches and have different frequencies. For example, the Crusader 202SS can be 390 MHz but you have to check the specific manual since it can also have five different frequencies.

These remotes are also interchangeable with the Heddolf remotes and will surely work if the frequencies are matched up correctly. To do so, check the back of the Crusader remote and look at the model number. This identifies the frequency that it has. If you lost the remote control, then check the back of the overhead motor or theowner’s manual where you can see the specific frequency of your opener. If there is no reference as to its frequency then you might need to purchase a conversion kit.

Crusader garage door openers are also compatible with Overhead Door, Esp Micom, Intercontinental Dynamics, and Crusade openers.

Setting Up and Installation

The Crusader remote controls are using dip switch technology. These are 9 to 12 switches that are found in both the remote and in the garage door opener. It is a series ups and downs that create a certain series. This series will have to be matched with the one on the opener.

Make sure that the sequence is not common and is unique. Don’t go for up, down, up, down, and so on. Do not set the switches on the same position as well. Go for a different kind of sequence that will not be easily copied.

If you already have a sequence in mind, just apply this to your opener first. You can find the switches near the antenna. Just remove the opener cover and check where the dip switches are. Use a small screwdriver to adjust the switches up or down depending on the sequence that you prefer.

Then match it with your garage door opener remote control. Once you’ve matched the switches properly, just press the button that you want to program. It’s that simple. Just test out the remote afterwards to see if the garage door responds accordingly. If it doesn’t, then you might need to check the sequence of your switches on both your remote and your opener.

The only thing that you should be careful with is to make sure that the remote control matches with your garage door opener. Find the remote with the right frequency. Ask for help if you’re still not sure with the garage door opener remote of your choice, then you should ask help from professionals. You may visit your local home improvement store so you can discuss your needs and ask for help personally.

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