No-nonsense Comparison between Commercial and Residential Garage Doors

Garage doors are used in major structures be it homes or commercial establishments. These are necessary parts in every building that houses cars and other vehicles. Garage doors can either be for commercial or home use. In addition to that, there are also other specific type garage doors.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you might be contemplating on which garage door to purchase for your property. Decipher the differences between a commercial and a residential garage door and find which one suits your needs.

Commercial Garage Doors

commercial garage door

This type of garage doors are also referred to as commercial doors. These are used as a main entry point to other commercial areas. These are also made to be efficient and durable because of how it is used. However, these are built the same way as the residential ones and are just substantially larger. These are taller for the loading and unloading of supplies.

Although the height and size are the defining factors that set commercial doors from residential ones, there are certain elements that differentiate them. For one, commercial garage doors are mostly made from aluminum or galvanized steel. Because of the nature of its use, these are also made to be efficient and durable enough to withstand the rigorous use. Commercial garage doors are also best used for industrial buildings and warehouses.

Commercial garage doors are also more expensive compared to the typical residential garage doors. This is because of how they are built and their sizes. They aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the residential garage doors since utility is more of a priority. This means you don’t have much choices. There are also certain features and options that are only available for commercial garage doors. These are often guided and stated by federal law.

Residential Garage Doors

residential garage door

Garage doors for homes are usually smaller. These come in seven feet in height. However, there are also smaller and taller doors depending on your garage. These also come in various materials, such as steel, wood, composites, and aluminum to name a few. This means that residential garage doors are built to look appealing to homeowners. These are also engineered to decorate private homes which is why there are many door options to play around with especially if you are looking for a door that matches your home. This is the first requirement of a residential garage door. Aesthetics is the major factor homeowners choose one garage door from the other. Doors can make or break one’s home.

Even if commercial garage doors are expected to be durable, residential ones are also made to be strong. These doors are used dozens of times in a day so they are made to withstand daily use.

Residential garage doors also come with different options. If you are looking into installing a new garage door in your home, you may add hurricane resistant hardware and panels for structural strength depending on your needs.

In Conclusion

For a homeowner, it is possible to get a commercial garage door for your home especially if you will be parking large vehicles or if you have a detached garage. However, make sure this is not against your neighborhood’s regulations and standards.If you think spending extra will allow you to meet your needs then it definitely is worth checking it out. Commercial garage doors are best left for those needing it for business purposes.

For a business owner or landlord, however, getting a commercial garage door is a must for your industrial building or property. Check with your city’s building officials to know what the best garage door that you could use for your needs and for your property.

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