What Is Comelit Intercom Systems and How Does It Work?

Security should be a top priority for everyone. Aside from meeting daily needs, securing property and oneself is a human necessity.

One of the modern ways to upping the security at home is by using an intercom system. An intercommunication system is a voice communication device that allows you to talk to someone outside of the house or someone in another room. It comes in variety of models, features, and prices, so you can find one that suits your needs.

Comelit EX 700H

Comelit Intercom Systems

Comelit used to be known as Cyrex Networks and were made in California. They manufactured a variety of products from telephone entry systems, voice and security systems, and garage door openers.

The brand is committed in bringing the latest in technology for security and home devices. They value providing high quality service to their clients, as well.

Comelit has different intercom systems available in the market. There’s a hands-free video intercom kit that let’s you identify the visitors before you answer the door. The Comelit HFX-700M transmits video once the doorbell is rung. The Comelit HFX-700R video intercom kit, on the other hand, safeguards either your home or your office with an audio and video verification upon entry. This also allows you to record the audio and video on a micro-SD card.

You can also purchase Comelit accessories for your intercom systems. The Comelit EX-700H is a color expansion monitor that is used to receive images captured by the doorbell camera and to establish a monitor-to-monitor connection. You can purchase an audio expansion station, the Comelit HFX 700A, for an extra audio station for your entire system. For another doorbell camera to your home or office, purchase the Comelit EX-700D.

All of their products are warrantied by the manufacturer and are assured to be of high quality to suit your security needs.

How Intercom Systems Work

The standard intercom has a front door panel connected to an internal control panel. Both panels are fitted with microphones and speakers that allow communication. The front door panel is usually installed on the exterior of the property while the internal panel is placed inside the home.

When the doorbell is pressed, the front panel transmits a signal to the internal handset. This way, you are able to communicate with the visitor. There can be a series of back and forth communication between the both of you. If your intercom system has video or recording features, you can see the visitor before you answer the door.

Aside this simple connection, another common intercom system used in the home connects rooms together. Larger systems are used for larger buildings and properties and maybe used for public broadcasting instead of one-on-one communication. You can add multiple cameras, monitor, and audio systems into your intercom system to beef up the security, as well.

Having a good intercom system is a great way to up your security in your property. Whether it is for your residential home or a business property, an intercom will allow you to be connected to different rooms or offices across your network. You can also access and control points of entry within the property. Some systems have video features that allow you to see the other person you’re talking to.

This also provides you with ease and convenience. You no longer have to walk to your door or gate to answer visitors. You can stay wherever you are in the house and answer your guest from there. In addition to that, parents can monitor their kids through the intercom. If you have young children, you can check them out even if you are in the kitchen through your intercom system.


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