A Click Away Remotes: Garage Door Replacement Information

worlds-best-garageA Click Away Remotes is a one-stop shop for garage door opener remotes and parts for gates and doors. They carry a wide range of replacement parts and remotes that you may need.

This online shop is also priced reasonably. They have OEM replacement and parts for garage door openers, remotes, transmitters, receivers, and accessories. The great thing about A Click Away Remotes is the variety of opener parts, gate parts, remotes, and systems that they offer.

If you are looking for a garage door replacement on at our store, here are the steps to take in finding the right one for your needs:

Search for the Garage Door Opener Details

The first step in looking for a replacement is finding the information on your specific garage door opener. Just look for the manufacturer’s name and the model information which can be found on the garage door opener motor or on the external receiver.

With this information, it is now easy for you to purchase an exact replacement by matching the model number and brand of the remote. You can purchase the exact replacement on A Click Away Remotes. This usually the best route if you have an older garage door opener. Most universal remotes do not work on older units.

Universal Remote Controls

This is an option for newer models of garage door openers. However, it is still essential to get the information of the manufacturer to ensure that it works on your garage door opener.

The universal remote can be programmed with two different garage door opener brands. It can also control the lights inside your home or your garage through your light control switch.

If you are unsure with the manufacturer and model number of your garage door opener, getting a universal remote usually does the trick.

Be Specific

Once you have decided if you are getting an exact replacement or a universal remote, figure out the specific remote that you want. How many buttons should your remote control have? The number of buttons will depend on the devices that you want to control. For example, you might need a three-button remote if you have two garage doors and a garage light to control.

Look for What You Need

On the website, you can browse through the items that they have. Go through the different brands that they have or shop through the different parts that they have. This is useful if you’re buying an exact replacement for your garage door opener.

They have also a separate section for accessories and parts that you need such as garage accessories, circuit boards, keypads, safety beam sensors and others.

A Click Away Remotes has compatibility charts to help you on your search for the right replacement and product manuals for your programming needs. The compatibility chart will help you in updating your old transmitter. They offer free technical help in case you need assistance on your installation or programming,

If you cannot find what you need on their website, just give them a ring for a replacement model that you can use for your garage door opener. A Click Away Remotes assist you if you don’t know the remote that you need. Just contact them and they can help you in finding the compatible remote for your garage door opener.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping is fast and quick with A Click Away Remotes. You can get the remotes or parts that you need right away for a fair price. They ship items within 24 hours of purchase.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return the items in 30 days with a full refund for those that are undamaged and returned to the original packaging. The 30-day guarantee ensures that you get what you need.

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