How to Clean Your Garage Door Opener in 10 Minutes a Day

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Your garage door opener works hard for you. This piece of mechanism is a big investment that you had to make to make your home life easier. Driving in and out of your home is no sweat because of your opener.

Since you’ve made this investment, you would want to keep it in good condition. To keep it in its prime, cleaning it regularly is a must. This prevent any hefty repair costs that can incur if you don’t regularly clean it and maintain it.

If you have 10 minutes to spare in your day, you have enough time to clean it Here are the steps that you should take in cleaning your garage door opener:

1. Unplug your garage door opener before you start cleaning. This is a necessary step that you should not forget, especially if you’ll be cleaning the wires and electronic parts of your garage door opener. This prevents any electrical shock while you are cleaning.

2. Use a mild detergent diluted in water and a soft washcloth to clean the surface. You can also use a sponge or a brush for areas that are hard to reach. Wipe down any dirt and stains that may have adhered to any part of your garage door opener. Don’t rub the opener too hard as it can damage painted surface. Be gentle.

3. Focus on moving parts that collect dirt and grit. These tend to be hard to clean yet are essential parts to the garage door opener.

4. After everything has dried, you might want to lubricate certain parts of your garage door. You can check out your garage door opener manual and look for details regarding which parts need to be lubricated. The rule of thumb is to lubricate the moving parts such as chains, screws, bolts, and hinges.

5. After properly lubricating the necessary parts, you can plug the garage door opener. It’s now ready for use.

If you have extra time, you can do more than just quickly cleaning up your garage door opener. While you’re cleaning, you can check your garage door opener for any issues. This is also the time for you to inspect all parts of your garage door opener and see if everything is looking as it should. Look for signs of wear and damage on the parts. Check cables, rollers, springs, and other hardware for any broken parts. Examine the parts if there are any rusting parts.

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