How to Decorate Your Garage This Christmas Season

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photo mydoordecor .com

Christmas is in the air as you feel the weather getting colder. It’s almost the holiday season and this entails decorating your home to reflect the festivities.
In decorating your home for Christmas, no one really bothers to include the garage. The patio and the rest of the house are usually styled and decorated according to seasons. However, you should always take the Christmas season as an opportunity to express your family’s festivities through your garage door. This is what people usually see when passing by your home. Don’t skimp on the decors and ensure that you invest in this once-a-year event.
Here are some ideas that you could use in decorating your garage this Christmas season:

  • Start simple. You don’t need to go full blast on your Christmas gear, especially for your garage. If you’re overwhelmed with all the decorations available and you fear that you are not the crafty one, you can go for simple pieces. An oversized wreath with fairy lights can easily add a bit off Christmas air into your garage. You can add simple details into your wreath with berry garland, bulbs, and even a bow. It’s simple, quick, and easy.
  • Go bold with a card decor. Use a Christmas card décor to cover the entire length and width of your garage door. This is a bold and extravagant décor that will definitely scream Christmas to everyone, even the passersby. There are a few mural images available for garage doors, such as a giant Christmas tree and Santa’s sleigh with reindeers among others. These come in decals, magnetic, and roll-up.
  • Letters. Spell out the good cheer with magnetic letters. It’s an inexpensive way to decorate for the holiday season. You can spell out simple holiday greetings like Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays on your garage. You can even spice it up and include Happy New Year, as well. The great thing with using letters as decorations is that you can easily reuse it to suit your needs and the season. If you’re a sports fan, you can use it to show your support for your local teams. The magnetic letters give you bang for your buck.
  • Light it up. Play with a variety of lights for a gleaming garage door. Use holiday-themed lights, such as green, red and white. You can also opt for LED string lights for a more cost-effective option. Blinking lights can be a fun play of lights for people to see. You can also use solar-powered lights for an environment-friendly Christmas decoration. Place these along the sides of your garage for a clean look.
  • Wrap up presents. Cheap doesn’t always mean bad. You can make use of inexpensive items in decorating your home. Be creative and use a holiday-themed table cloth in wrapping your garage door. Unlike paper gift wrappers, this can last longer and withstand the changing temperatures. Add a large gold or silver bow around the door to create wrapped look. If you have time, you may include a gift tag to make it realistic. Tape everything together so your gift is still intact until Christmas day.
  • Project the holiday. Create a spectacular show on your garage. You can even give everyone an amazing light show every time they drop by your home. Your garage door can be a blank slate for your projection. Use an outdoor projector to show your personalized holiday greeting or your favorite holiday images. Use the projector’s timer to change your slides
  • Holiday magnets. As mentioned above, garage door magnets are inexpensive choices for decorating. Aside from letters, you can use holiday-themed magnets to spice up your home without trying too much. These magnets work best on steel garage doors and are mostly weather-proof. These are found at many retailers and on online shops. Purchase Christmas trees, Reindeers, or Santa Claus magnets. You can even make use of your fridge magnets.

Putting up the Christmas decorations for the holidays need not be a stressful ordeal. It can be fun if done with the family. This can also be an interesting activity to do with the kids and can spark their creativity, as well. Use these tips and involve everyone in the family for a fun decorating time.

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