How to Choose the Best Garage Door Remotes and Opener

Purchasing a garage door opener and remote is a big investment. It is something that you would like to make a smart decision on especially when you will be using it for years. It is also not a cheap purchase since these devices cost a big sum for the average homeowner.


Thus, it is of high importance to choose the best garage door opener and remote that will suit your family’s needs. Consider all aspects of your home and lifestyle before making the splurge.

Here are the steps to choose the best opener and remote:

  • Think of the drive type. Garage door openers come in various types. This is the first consideration in making a purchase. Different garage door openers have different quirks and advantages. The belt drive is most preferred by many homeowners because of its quiet and smooth performance. It is a good option for those with attached garages that has a living space beside or above it. This ensures a noiseless operation even when the kids are sleeping. The chain drive, on the other hand is cost-effective and is ideal for heavier garage doors. This can be a bit noisy which is ideal for homes with detached garages. Lastly, screw openers are well-rounded devices. They aren’t that quiet nor that noisy. This is great for one-piece garage doors that are somehow tilting. This is also a durable opener but may require frequent maintenance. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the various drive types to know what suits your needs.
  • Consider power options. Aside from drive types, openers also come in various powers. The horsepower is a number that will let you know if it can lift your garage door or not. Bigger and heavier garage doors will require more powerful openers. The ½ horsepower is the most common out there and can lift most garage doors. Heavy doors will require at least ¾ horsepower. This is also a more durable option. If you have a large and heavy garage door, then opt for an opener with 1 horsepower motor. This lifts the heaviest garage doors and is ideal for maximum efficiency.
  • Know which features are important to you and your family. Many garage door openers today already come with standard security and safety features, like electronic beams and rolling code technology. The electronic beams prevents the door from accidentally crushing any object along its path while the rolling code technology prevents burglars from opening the garage door. If you feel like you need additional security and safety features, then you ought to check out the built-in features first which may include those features that you prefer. Other manufacturers also allow you to purchase these features in addition to the opener kit. These may include smartphone controls, security cameras, and others. Having these extra features will allow you greater control over your garage whenever and wherever you are.
  • Remotes and keypads. Garage door opener kits may already come with a keypad and a remote. Usually these remotes vary and can either be the one-button, two-button, or three-button remote control. Having multiple-button remotes is good if you have two or more garage bays. If you want to have a more convenient remote that you can bring with you wherever you go, you may need to purchase an additional mini remote. This is a more secure remote that stops you from leaving your bulky remote anywhere. Some garage openers come with either an interior or exterior keypad. So, ensure that you check the kit before making a purchase.
  • Lastly, purchase an opener that suits your budget. Compare prices and features from different manufacturers and retailers. It might be even more cost-effective to buy a kit from an online store compared to a brick and mortar one. Do your research and find an opener that is light on your pocket but packed with features that your family needs.

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