Choose a LiftMaster Door Opener for Your Home

liftmaster garage door opener and remotes

The garage door opener is an essential to every home. This makes everyday home life more convenient for all the dwellers. It is almost mandatory to have an automatic garage door opener so you have no issues with opening or closing your garage door.

There are many garage door opener manufacturers in the market today that you can choose from if you are looking for a new one for your home. LiftMaster is one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

Here are your considerations if you are looking into purchasing a LiftMaster door opener:

• Budget. Knowing how much you are capable of spending on a garage door opener makes a huge difference as this affects the model and the features that you are able to buy. Make sure that you identify a maximum amount that you are willing to spend so you can work your way around your budget. You don’t want to overspend on your garage door opener. Having a budget also makes you a smarter buyer as you are able to find discounts or look into cheaper alternatives and shops that also sell automatic openers.

• Your needs. Always consider the needs of your family when choosing a home device that everyone will use regularly. Do you need smartphone connectivity for when you travel? Do you need a quiet opener for your attached garage? If you have a detached garage, then going for a powerful chain drive might be a good option. If you need a quieter garage door opener, then you should go for a LiftMaster belt-drive opener. When buying an opener, ask your family if there are things that they especially want for your garage door opener. If you have little kids and small pets, then you might want to consider extra safety features to protect them.

Kind of garage door. The type of garage door that you have is also a factor to consider when purchasing a LiftMaster garage door opener. If you have a bigger and heavier garage door, then it might be wise to go for a more powerful opener. A typical garage door can be lifted by an automatic opener with ½ HP. However, heavier doors might need more powerful openers such as those with ¾ HP or 1 HP for that extra boost. This type of garage door openers is also more durable compared to the less powerful ones.

• Features. The security and safety features that your LiftMaster garage door opener has will also be important as to how you are choosing your next opener. The number of features that your opener has will also affect its price. Remember though that your opener will come with standard features, like the rolling code technology, safety eyes, and the automatic safety reversal. Additional features like the smartphone controls, timer-to-close, and safety cameras are features that will cost you. However, these features can be good investments especially if you think that these will be useful for the family and you want to keep an eye on your home and on everyone when you are away. If your budget is too tight for now, what you can do is to purchase additional LiftMaster garage door opener accessories.

• The LiftMaster series. LiftMaster garage door openers come in three types of series depending on your needs. The Elite Series, for example, has best-in-class features and has innovative features that will give you peace of mind. The Premium Series, on the other hand, is designed to perform and built to last with daily use. Lastly, the Contractor Series is a good option if you want to be practical because it is efficient and economical.

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