Cheap and Amazing Ideas to Revamp Your Garage

photo Audie Murphy Ranch
photo Audie Murphy Ranch

Almost every American home has a garage that has been turned into a big storage room. A place where you pile boxes and boxes of old stuff, from old broken toys, old clothes, Christmas and Halloween decors, broken appliances and other things you planned to repair, use again someday or donate to charity but you just never did.

You have made every excuse to delay cleaning it out and sorting all those stuff and you seemed so overwhelmed just by looking at it. But didn’t you know, as each day passes, the higher risk you are of losing your precious car to corrosion and all the other elements that could devaluate it faster. And most of all you are wasting a big space that could have been useful and could even become a place of entertainment and enjoyment to you and the whole family.

To inspire you a little, aren’t you jealous that your brother or your friend has a man cave, a place where you get invited to enjoy bottle of beer while watching football or play some poker and billiards? Don’t you want to have the same in your house? Have a place where you can have fun and have a place to put neatly all your tool collection or your pool table. A man cave is every man’s ultimate dream where he gets to enjoy “me” time.

It’s not that hard to turn your garage into just that and more. We have created some amazing and creative ways to revamp your garage and turn it into something you can be proud of and not just be a place where you can hide all your junk.

1. Removing all the clutter is definitely the very first thing you need to do. Getting rid of all the junk inside may become very overwhelming but once you get that fire started, you’ll be pulling out and bringing stuff out in no time. You have to do this on a fine weather day so as not to get soaked and have your stuff that can still be of use get ruined since you will be laying all your things in the driveway or in the front yard.

2. You need to decide how you want to use the space, if it will solely be used for parking cars or the exciting shared space by creating a space to create your game or entertainment room. Yes, you may turn your garage into a multi-functional space that could serve even your kids’ interests, like having there a small space for arts and crafts and hobbies.

3. Check and examine the whole room once you have taken all the clutter. Examine it for cracks and peelings you can do repair and repainting before you start decorating and putting in new things.

4. Create a functional and storage system that matches with the room’s intended use. There are a lot of available storage systems that can be customized according to the space you have and to make it multi-functional.

5. Install lightings that will be used for any task that might be done inside your garage. If you wish to turn it into a place for relaxation, lamps and subdued lighting will be a good idea. If you want to use it as work shop or for your crafts, you need to choose a brighter lighting.

6. Looking for inspiration, like browsing through photos of nice garage make over that would give you an idea of how to create your own version of a place for R & R. So if you wish to go the rest and recreation route, visualize kind of things make you relaxed and what are the activities that you enjoy the most which you want to do inside your new space. You can bring in a comfy couch and a big flat screen TV for you to watch ball games and fight nights with your buddies or have fun with your kids while playing video games.

7. You can also add a refrigerator to put in bottles of beer and juices; also bring in a pool table and a counter to turn it into a mini bar. You can even throw a small party in your garage.

Whatever you wish your garage to become, be it for fun, relaxation or for your car alone. The first step to realizing that goal is in your hands. It is all up to you to make it happen, procrastinating is very tempting and that is something you have to resist.

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