Chamberlain 956 EV 3 Button Mini Keychain Remote Review

A compact version of the Chamberlain remote, 956EV is portable for a purse, backpack, or pocket that is great for bikers and walkers. With its laborious quality testing it ensures safety and security.Chamberlain 956 ev 3 button mini keychain remote

Basic Specifications

The Chamberlain 956 EV 3 Button Mini Keychain Garage Door Remote is a compact remote that offers portability to users. It is very handy that users have the luxury of owning a portable remote control built with the highest level of security. Security+2.0 is used to prevent the item from being hacked and its wireless operation provides easy installation. It has a range as far as 1,500 feet that can provide ‘no waiting’ roll-in access.

Its 3 buttons will allow you to control up to 3 garage door systems simultaneously. It has the capacity to control home interior. At the same time, it can also open lighting through MyQ technology. It uses 3V coin-cell lithium CR2032 battery with a key-ring attachment included.

Tips on How to Program (or Reprogram the Item) Plus Compatibility with other Remotes

The Chamberlain 956 EV can be used for and compatible with garage door openers made after January 1, 1993, both for 315 MHz and 390 MHz. It is activated when the programmed button on the remote control is pressed. Take note that before using the item, the garage door opener has an operating light bulb. It is the indicator that the unit is functional.

Also compatible with nearly all Liftmaster and Craftsman garage door openers, Chamberlain 956 EV 3 Button can be an incredible choice for every family member who occasionally walks, bikes, and goes out of the house. This is an all-in-one, compact design solution for people on the go.

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