What are Chain-Drive Garage Door Openers?

Chain-Drive Garage Door Openers
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When purchasing a new garage door opener is not just a simple walk to the store and heading down the counter. It’s not just a simple toy that you can pick and choose whenever you feel like it. This device is something that will be used in your home for a good number of years. It is best to always give some thought to it before making a purchase.

There are different types of garage doors openers that are being sold in the market today. Each has its own quirks that will match certain needs of homeowners. This is another reason why you have to choose the right one.

The chain-drive system is one of the common openers used by many homeowners. Before you jump and make a decision, find out how this opener works and what its pros and cons are.

How the chain-drive opener works

It comes in two classifications: the trolley system and the shaft drive. Think of the chain-drive garage door opener like you would a bike. It uses a similar chain that moves the garage door up or down.  The chain runs along the rail in order to operate the motor, which lifts the garage door.

If you have a trolley system, the trolley is connected to an arm and is attached to the top part of the garage door. The arm slides to control the movement of the door, which is made possible because of the chain drive.

Its advantages and disadvantages

This type of opener is the most common out there. It is inexpensive so this does not put a hole in your pocket, especially if you are in a budget. This is the reason why many homeowners prefer this opener compared to the other ones. It is also widely available and can be found in most, if not all, of the retailers both online and brick-and-mortar.

The great thing about the chain-drive openers is that these are dependable when maintained properly. They can withstand various humidity and temperatures. Chain-drives can also lift the heavier two-car garage doors.

Although there are quite a few pros in chain-drive openers, there are also some cons. Since this uses a chain to move the door, it tends to be noisy during operation. It might not be a good option if you have a bedroom near the garage. It can also be shaky due to the nature of the chain. It also lifts the door slower as compared to the belt-drive opener.

Lastly, maintaining this garage door opener is also mandatory. This has to be lubricated regularly to prevent rusting. This also ensures that the chain works evenly and all throughout the operation.

Chain-drive system maintenance

Unlike the belt-drive and the screw-drive systems, the chain-drive openers might require more maintenance. This will help in keeping your opener in top working condition wile continuously performing through its lifetime.

You need to properly take care of it. Start by oiling the chain regularly. It should be done twice a year. This will reduce the noise that the chain produces and makes it run smoother during operation. Grease the door rails, as well.

Since the chain-drive opener tends to be clunky and shaky, it might lead to loose hardware. Check the nuts and bolts of your opener a few times a year and see if there are loose hardware. Adjust the accordingly and as needed.

Chain-drive openers in the market

If you are ready to purchase a chain drive, there are quite a few in the market today.

The LiftMaster 8165 runs on ½ HP that lifts the common garage doors. It is a good choice for durability and reliable performance. It is also equipped with MyQ Technology that allows you to control and monitor your garage no matter where you are.

Genie’s ChainLift 600 garage door opener has easy installation with its push programming. This boasts of longer life with its dual pinion chain drive. The opener has standard security features, like its Intellicode rolling code technology and Safe-T-Beam system that incorporates an auto-reverse system.

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