7 Things About Carper Garage Door Remotes that You Should Know

This article is written by Kristy Jones of aclickawayremotes.com a Garage Door Opener Store.

Garage door openers are now considered necessities for modern homes. Although these devices might be a tad bit costly, these are considered investments and a big part of home convenience. Gone are the days when you have to manually open and close your garage door every time you leave the house or return home.

image via homeepiphany.com
image via homeepiphany.com

There are various manufacturers of garage door openers today. All these manufacturers are providing quality garage door openers to the market. These openers come in various types with different features that match your home’s needs. Aside from that, there are also various companies that offer opener parts and accessories. Because garage door openers are necessary home devices already, there is a huge market out there.

One of the top accessory brands today is Carper. They provide garage door opener remotes that you can use on your opener, no matter what the make is. Here are the seven things that you need to know about Carper garage door remotes:

  • Carper is an aftermarket company. The company focuses on the secondary market also called an aftermarket. It supplies accessories, specifically remote controls, used as replacement or for repairs. Carper garage door remotes work with the major brands of garage door openers in case you need a replacement for your old remotes.
  • All their remotes have built-in flashlight. This little feature does wonder. Most of the other remotes do not have a flashlight. So most often, you have to fumble in the dark. You can easily find your way out with this little flashlight on your remote. This also comes in handy during emergency situations so you don’t need a separate flashlight or look for your phone to light up your path.
  • Carper remotes are more durable than the others. Although the Caper remotes are made to be replacement remotes for lost or broken garage door opener remotes, the Carper ones tend to be more durable. These remotes are made from high density plastic, which makes them sturdy. These also go through stringent testing before launched to the market, which explains their high quality.
  • They offer a variety of remotes. Carper offers a wide selection of remotes for your garage door openers. The remotes are usually identified by their model numbers, which correspond to the frequency that they operate in. The Carper 300, Carper 318, Carper 310, Carper 390, and Carper 318T are compatible to garage door opener with the respective frequencies. Carper also offers remotes for openers with dipswitches. Make sure that you check whether you have a trinary or binary dipswitch setting and what frequency your opener has.
  • Carper remotes are great replacement remotes. These remotes work with every brand of garage door opener. Whether you have a Genie, LiftMaster, BlueMax, Allstar, Shima or other brands, you can find a Carper remote control for you.
  • Carper is made by Sirius. The Carper remote controls are made by the company, Sirius. Aside from remotes, they also receiver and remote sets.
  • Carper remotes are handy. This brand of remotes comes in compact keychain sizes. This makes it a more secure choice of garage door remote. You can already carry your remote anywhere you go without risking your home’s security. Instead of leaving your remote in your car or on your desk, you can carry it around with you everywhere so it’s safe. You know where your remote is and you don’t run the risk of it getting stolen by anyone.

If you in the market for a new replacement remote, then you should definitely look for Carper garage door opener remotes. These will be a good investment for your home. Just make sure that you check the compatibility before the purchase.

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